First tike grower

Hello all i am new here as well as new to the growing game i have 2 plants that are not auto flowering plants the seeds i used came out of bags of bud that i have smoked i started by germinating my seeds in toilet paper and water until they sprouted their roots then i planted them in separate 5 gallon planters with used soil from i dont know when my plants are doing ok im about 3 weeks in my plants are almost a foot tall i went out in my back yard to water my plants and im seeing leaves growing from the inner stems of the plants are these going to be the flowering spots or will these be new fan leaves. Im not using any nutrients im just going all natural water and mother natures sunshine. Any tips and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :grinning:

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Welcome to the neighborhood. We all love pics of pot porn.

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Welcome to the community , (outside ) the plant will continue veg an Produce Foliage until late summer when days get shorter , my area would be mid August At that point it will trigger flowering stage. :v::+1:

Hi new grower her in Va my plants are very small GDP from IGLM they are in a raised bed and have plenty of leaves but seem to be growing slowly help!!!