First thoughts…

Howdy fam,

This is my first grow (critical mass on right and gold leave clone on left) and first post. I have overcome damping off, nutrient lock out from root rot and ridiculous VPD of 2.9. Only one seedling surviving and a clone a friend gave me.

Current stats.
12gal RDW
RH= 60
H2O= 68 (chiller)
Nutes= GH trio
Armor SI= 30mL
Calmag= 22.8
Rapid start= 12

My question is: is the droop in the plant a problem I have or is it all groovy? I have lost bottom two nodes of leave due to previous lockout and root rot.

Any insight welcome.

Welcome to the community first off. Plants droop after a hard day of growing. Totally normal.

Is what you are experiencing normal? I will leave it to the Pros from Dover. :+1:

Word. This was like an hour before the end of the 18/6 hour light cycle.

Yes common that’s them saying rest time