First summer outdoor grow did I start too soon?

I started 4 plants 7 weeks ago, 2 Cannatonic and 2 Dos si dos. Lost a dos si do and started a second a week later. Its now mid may in southern Va, the plants are in a 6 inch deep box of raised bed soil set directly above the local clay.
I lost one dos si do at a week and started a second.

The Cannatonic are already at 4 feet tall. can the stems support these plants?

These were grown for pain and arthritis relief, and I dont want to lose them, we are only allowed 4 here so thats my outdoor :wink: limit.


Get some bamboo or type of strong long stick to tie the stems up. They can definitely fall over once they put on weight.


I think you need another planter or 2.

49 inches in mid may, what am I looking at come October?
I just did not expect this rapid growth. I fertilized using the ones from this site the first 5 weeks, I stopped for now in fear they will become to massive.

My indoor grows were always autos or forced flowering at about 12-14 weeks, and at about a 3-4 foot height.
These will make a lot of tincture. and there are small buds already showing.


Would be nice, Virginia only allows 4 plants, so outside is limited.



More planters are for the plants you have. They can get huge. When will you have less than 13 hours of light? They may not start flowering until then.

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they are in the ground, September or so. but it looks like little buds starting now look closely in the photos.

Also for anyone interested. I found some decent containers for the deck, available in 7, 12, and larger sizes. They dont get knocked over in wind as easily as 5 gallon buckets , 7 gallon size is shorter and wider, 12 gallon even more so.

This is a 7 gallon next to a 5 gallon bucket.
Tractor Supply sells these for about $12.


Very nice! I noticed a few hairs but they should snap out of flower with the days getting longer. I dont think you have anything to worry about. Your definitely on time. Way to go!

@theroo Welcome to Canna College lol!! If your developing flower sites now it’s due to the short light cycles this time of year, they’ll go into reveg soon enough. As for height why not top them a few times to bush them out and stunt the overall height until the flower stretch?

That was part of what I was waiting to hear. We get a lot of wind due to being on the water.
should I top off just above or below those little buds starting about a foot from the top?

@theroo I’ve topped starting much lower (I begin younger, 4-5 nodes high) and then retopped as the splits get 3-4 nodes on them. 1 to 2 then 2 to 4 then 4 to 8 etc…. It’s not too late to start but you’ll probably hit 7-8’ by seasons end if not taller. No topping during flower imho ok. The stretch will likely see 2’ of growth.

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Would you mind explaining this a little more… im also in Va and this is my first outside grow. I topped both at the 5th node but am unclear on “multiple toppings”… does this mean retopping every branch at every split every several nodes?

1 Skywalker OG and 1 Northern Lights

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I top the center stalk and subsequently will top the splits again after a certain amount of nodes. I like a round lollipop look and a bush that doesn’t tower over my 6’ privacy fence. I also clear out the undercarriage. These were almost 2’ of lower clearance, almost lol.

MD has relaxed its stance on the plant but I don’t want to pour a whole summer into these lovelies and have some d!ckhead neighbor pinch them out from under my nose lol.


@Sydious don’t hold me to the math though, I’m a bro-scientist type.

@theroo @Sydious Maybe y’all’s new slogan could be Virginia is for Lovers AND Growers lol.

@Fieldofdreams … thanks for reply… this are beautiful!.. but my question is, from the picture i sent earlier, is it too late to do additional toppings? Im way past 5,6ect nodes since my first topping.

@Sydious its not too late. My opinion though if your planning on staying in the pot I’d only top 2-3 separate times. I prefer to pull the lower branches down parallel with garden wire and clips, they’ll turn back up again chasing the sun. Your size outdoors is limited to your pot size. I arguably got as many bud sites on my little indoor autos as I did on my outdoor photos. But outdoor colas were extremely long lol.


@Sydious my topping style is different than a lot on here, I’m not a stalk chopper. I prefer to pinch the new growth that’s just extending past the newest pair of fans. I wiggle it out. The 2 fans become branches.