First small crop advice

From a fellow grower:

I’m doing my first grow, I any have a small crp and there 2 wks old , there in soil , do I use any root ? I have 3 bottles … Top max… Bio grow…bio bloom. Which ov these to I use first ? If at all… And ive already changed my light to 12/12 … Am I doing everythin ok ?

What are the N-P-K levels? - You do know there are 3 stages in the flower stage:
early flower - 1-2 weeks with higher “K” levels than "P’
middle flower weeks 3-4 with higher P levels than " K"
late flower weeks 5-7 use higher K levels than P

for better information NPK levels of your nutrients - with out knowing stop using Bio-grow (just for vegation stage) consider bio-bloom in early flower and Top max for late flower and (possibly for early flower) (unknow NPK) If you have a root stimluator use it - if none consider getting some for next grow- it will increase your yields by at least 30% + ( is used correctly) How far are you in flower stage ? doing things OK - just need a littler 'twik" - keep us posted