First, sf 2k kit. Photo

So, that fim didn’t take. Wrong node. Ugh, still can’t count nodes. Lol. Oh well. Fimmed again today, my little choco tree. This was my objective buying the sativa mix. Learn as much as I can right away and get a choco mother going. My choco mother already looking like a little pine tree growing. I’ve planted many blue spruce, many longer and thinner than her.

Just noticed after upload. The failed FiM has stood back up to protect the new damage, meaning this successful. Now to see what happens.

How the first FiM missed. Well. FiM litterally means, fuck I missed. An old grower missed his topping pinch. He meant to top the plant, but left 10% of the new growth. I left like 40%… but hey. FiM on my FiM. That gives me more laughs than you know.

Raised the shorties back up. Lowered them to see a response, did, back up. Oscillating fan for the veg tent finally failed. So using a bathroom exhaust fan for it temporarily, yes it’s crazy the stuff I have on hand. Screenshot_20210501-112252_Gallery

Ended up on an alternate watering of 4 one day, 3 the next. 1 gallon a day. Figured out the mold issue. Confirmed from my careless trimming. Harmless soil surface mold. Plus my giving them all a top drink everyday doesn’t help that. But, no signs of overwatering and I like to try and keep my salts from drying up.

Gonna try to pull this one more away. Which is only causing good things. For a plant that had a tough go with failed training and a ph imbalance after flip, why it’s so far behind the rest, thought it dead. Can still see the discoloration in the leaves I didn’t remove.

Fan slipped a little. Why it’s showing small signs of wind burn, still grew during last 24 for sure tho. Buds sticky when moving the branches forward. DE on the floor. Here in the lowlands Midwest the flies are about to explode. Preventative measures. I use capture jars with bait outside too, crazy how fast they fill.

Shook a thin layer of food grade activated wood charcoal powder on top of the soils. Same as horticulture charcoal. They still on the blow up, big slh may have had its last feed yesterday.


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Looking frosty!! Nice

They all look about the same today. So no pic. Just gonna note that when the tent is opened you can really smell that SLH.

Oh and anyone seeing here that wants to follow along with the mother plant. It’s been moved to.