First, sf 2k kit. Photo

Jab, jab. LOL. Happy for you @budz gotta ignore the trolls around here. :+1:

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Except that rant wasn’t about anyone that could be labeled a troll. I honestly don’t know how to explain it in a “safe” way… lol. And it’s not important enough either. I already removed myself. It just agitates me, obviously, when current known facts are blatantly disregarded. But I get it. It’s for $. I wasn’t helping that for sure. There are always pockets. And I definitely don’t want to harm the forum. So I was technically out of line too. Just… Ugh…

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I understand. It is what it is basically.

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But it agitates me soooo much. Since I literally own both lights… If you catch my drift. I just couldn’t not say it… they’re both documented litterally here. There is one that is obviously better… Blahhhh. Do you think it’s the sf2000? ┐(´(エ)`)┌

Because I sure do not. In fact. I know.

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And so ends the thread.


Oh whoops. Also forgot. I achieved coinage on the hash! It may never end. Since this is my “trials” thread.

Lisa on the projector screen was purely coincidence. But turned out fantastic. Lol.

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Got some oil out of this batch. First attempt at different method, same press. No shape retention though. Since so much went oil.


Was a small batch.

I cant figure out how to get my screen writing back to single color… Hence the double. Been like that for weeks… lol. I can change it in different two tones. But I can’t choose two of the same color. And can’t find the option for singular.

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What do you use to press?

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Cheap one. Came with bags.

Won’t lie. I can hold tighter tolerances and clearance with hand tools alone though. Leaky press.

My first project in my program in college was to make a usable drill gauge +/- .05 on all dimensions. Only tools allowed, hacksaw, file, sandpaper and water. Also had to have a mirror finish. Honestly a hell of a lot easier than it sounds. My engineer brother told me it was impossible. Then I informed him 20+ students do every single fall semester without fail. Lol.

That is the primary function of a tool maker. Telling engineers that they are wrong.

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Love it!

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Just note I mean actual tool makers. Not just promoted button pushers who somehow get the title in this area. Which last I checked it was a title only earned through a tool room. Not on a factory floor. The tool room supports the floor… But as is the way of the world. So many “tool makers” out there who can’t even manually plot their own name in cursive in gcode… (Third project)

Since I used grid paper (obviously). It was even in my hand writing. Plotted my signature on a license plate frame. No cad/cam

First attempt at moon rocks. Because why not. Bud, hash, wax and keif.
It’s not classic moon rocks. I used ground up bud. Instead of trying to layer it so technically. So no point in a cross section. My rendition of moon rocks. In which I use the first 3 ingredients to bind together with a little heat to make something similar to clay. Then roll it around in a keif tray as it cools/dries. Don’t see how the end product would be any different. Beyond the cross section of cutting one in half. Lol.


Looks great!

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No. I broke probation. If I broke parole I would be federally wanted. Big difference in the two here in the states.

Biggest one being for the citizens is that parole is federal and day for day. Probation is state or county level and is not day for day. If you fail on your final day they can start you back at day one or make you sit in jail the entire time from the start you where on probation.

So you could fail on day 699/700 and have to gonto jail for 700 days. Or even if the judge wants to be a dick. He’s also allowed to double any jail sentence with probation. So now he can make it 1400 days of probation (this is where you say no and sit 700). This is why so many refuse probation. It’s not something your supposed to escape. The states want to leech you. The feds see you as a leech. That’s our difference in probation and parole.

If you get violated on your last week of parole. By time you get processed again you’ll be released… day for day… judge has no say. No extra charge usually

Its like… I know we are supposed to avoid politics. To describe USA. We have two states. One of them Texas. Now Texas is very strong in its convictions. So much so. It votes against laws in its own favor if a certain other state voted for it… this is why our federal government tries to stay out of state and below problems. No way it could keep up. Lol
The wild west lives… just most people are too lazy to see it.

Oh duh. Brought the topic to my old test thread @Nicky . Since we can’t interrupt anything here. It’s not even technically my current main thread.

Duh again. Forgot the leech part. Most probation offices are ran by the free sector. Non government companies. Which are paying the state or county to do it. So it’s costing you ~$120 every single month they can keep you on probation. Because now not only does the local government get their requirements for keeping you documented as on probation. So does this extra company need it’s payment for keeping you processed and seen once a month for 5 minutes. 5 minutes for $120

Dang songs confusing.

I better keep my nose clean lol

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Oh. That song. Lol. I don’t even think I meant to post that one. One upfront of perfect imperfection on one of my Playlists. But happens. This is a mostly dead thread as I said. Just where I can play around.

My head hasn’t been right for years. I can at least say it’s more together today than it was the last 2-3 years. I surprise myself with what I can remember and articulate today. Tbh. I could show you two mug shots and me today. Look like 3 entirely different people. And they are. Throw in my wedding photos and I was actually overweight. So 4 different me’s. Except the fat me was still smart. Just got fat. Lol