First, sf 2k kit. Photo

As of right now. might be a bom contender in there.

Gonna miss @KeystoneCops . I wouldn’t have these results without him.

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Had to string up another one. Was straight sideways. Her clone blowing up with that tribus introduced earlier and better light.

Tribus double, 4ml signal, 4ml silica and 1/2tsp of RB’s flowering today.

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The couple hours both flower tents are asleep. Finally hitting goal. For temp, had to sacrifice higher humidity levels, dehumidifier creates crazy heat. Humidity will be back down to 50 when tent 2 wakes up. One hour under 60% won’t hurt, need that 67 temp

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What is this black magic?

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I know right. She growing faster than momma. It’s those quantum boards and tribus.

Oh the microscope and lazy packs. They are that. And I am lazy.

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Sorry I was still editing. LOL I have to write it first, submit. Then edit for pictures/quotes/anything other than writing. Otherwise it doesn’t work.

How old is she now? Wtf man!

Dope scope and I love the humidity packs unfortunately I ordered the wrong ones so I have like 15 packs in the qp bag hahaha.

Was the day she was cut from the mother.

So 2 weeks for rooting. 8 weeks since rooted.

That’s impressive! Wish my swog was moving like that.

This is definitely where I learned less is more. With soil. Hope my coco grows go as well. The clone in coco doing great. On baby got dumped one got nibbled. They aight tho.

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Man I can’t wait to start in coco… waiting on a couple genetics to arrive then I have to figure out which one to run… :weary:

I’m thoroughly enjoying your journal. :slight_smile: thanks for sharing your work!

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I am still not sure what’s going under the qbs next. Skywalker og or California dream?

All I gotta say is F! Skywalker. Way too picky. Idk. You’d probably have better results.

I just like mix packs and the wife requested blue dream. So I have 10 of each. Gotta find that next clone mother. Gonna take 3rd generation and keep as mother then kill the second generation (larger plant in coco). Don’t want a mother in coco. Just hope to find another pheno worth keeping like that one. Took my first 30 seeds to get her.

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She got filtered water only today. 1 gallon. Will feed Bergman’s boost and flowering at 50% once more then only silica, signal and tribus till end. Reducing lights to 10/14.


Doesn’t take a long scroll to see one days difference. Explosive growth.

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My dehumidifier sure is a trooper. Can’t wait for this crap to stop. But she’s dropping it down in there. Was 68%


Day one of flower in AC/HLG tent. Hope she stops the stretch soon. Did not expect this. She’s already as tall as her mother.

13 day transition.

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