First, sf 2k kit. Photo

Gonna try to pull this one more away. Which is only causing good things. For a plant that had a tough go with failed training and a ph imbalance after flip, why it’s so far behind the rest, thought it dead. Can still see the discoloration in the leaves I didn’t remove.

Fan slipped a little. Why it’s showing small signs of wind burn, still grew during last 24 for sure tho. Buds sticky when moving the branches forward. DE on the floor. Here in the lowlands Midwest the flies are about to explode. Preventative measures. I use capture jars with bait outside too, crazy how fast they fill.

Shook a thin layer of food grade activated wood charcoal powder on top of the soils. Same as horticulture charcoal. They still on the blow up, big slh may have had its last feed yesterday.


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Looking frosty!! Nice

They all look about the same today. So no pic. Just gonna note that when the tent is opened you can really smell that SLH.

Oh and anyone seeing here that wants to follow along with the mother plant. It’s been moved to.

I chopped her. She was good for me and this one is for me. Test subject too. Into the drying area. For drying tests.

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SLH cut from stems in container. Lid off half the time, currently a clean rag over. Maintaining good rh, not ready for lid/burping/curing yet. Thank God for these Bluetooth humidity monitors.

This post was today, drying picture was taken two days before posted, I ignore my own documentation more than learning more and helping what little I can. Wouldn’t say unfortunately, it’s all up here 🧏


Don’t mistake the phone number for personal information, that is not a Midwest american phone number, just what the company labeled my lack of information with.

Area Code 645 History: Area Code 645 has not been assigned for use by the North American Numbering Plan Administrator. Area Code 645 is officially planned as a General Purpose area code which is typically assigned to a geographic area. If you receive a phone call from area code 645 it is a spam call.

I’m good :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you call that number, no phone I’ve ever seen will ring.

Really dense buds. 16g here.

Size comparison

Lol, my bad but not fixing. Habit of measuring curve starts. Tool maker

Yoooo random I should probably read but I’m totally roasted. Where did you find that hygrometer is that “^_^” or am I losing my sh1t?

They are Mi Home. Bluetooth.
Xiaomi Mijia Thermometer Hygrometer 2
Just Google that. Will find all kinds of deals.

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Thank you @Budz they look modern and classy

They also hold closer accuracy than same price options which also aren’t Bluetooth. At their price point there is nothing better on the market.

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Nice! good to know


Bags where harvested.


Whoa! Nice way to start the day.

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Awh hell. That was actually yesterday morning. Just didn’t post till this. Thank you though. Was a control issue, lost 3 of the pictures harvested colas. Mold. Live and learn. But the rest was plenty viable. 0 signs. So I recovered and washed most of the girls. Have since scrutinized the humidity level in grow room (lung). Currently 38% and 79°F. Making sure there are no further issues as the remaining plants finish.

Basically had to throw away 3/4 of one of those plates pictured.

As I have said in another thread. This is basically my list of reminders. I can tell you what mess up caused every picture.

Damn I’m sorry to hear that! Im sure what wasn’t lost will be fire!

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