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No. I broke probation. If I broke parole I would be federally wanted. Big difference in the two here in the states.

Biggest one being for the citizens is that parole is federal and day for day. Probation is state or county level and is not day for day. If you fail on your final day they can start you back at day one or make you sit in jail the entire time from the start you where on probation.

So you could fail on day 699/700 and have to gonto jail for 700 days. Or even if the judge wants to be a dick. He’s also allowed to double any jail sentence with probation. So now he can make it 1400 days of probation (this is where you say no and sit 700). This is why so many refuse probation. It’s not something your supposed to escape. The states want to leech you. The feds see you as a leech. That’s our difference in probation and parole.

If you get violated on your last week of parole. By time you get processed again you’ll be released… day for day… judge has no say. No extra charge usually

Its like… I know we are supposed to avoid politics. To describe USA. We have two states. One of them Texas. Now Texas is very strong in its convictions. So much so. It votes against laws in its own favor if a certain other state voted for it… this is why our federal government tries to stay out of state and below problems. No way it could keep up. Lol
The wild west lives… just most people are too lazy to see it.

Oh duh. Brought the topic to my old test thread @Nicky . Since we can’t interrupt anything here. It’s not even technically my current main thread.

Duh again. Forgot the leech part. Most probation offices are ran by the free sector. Non government companies. Which are paying the state or county to do it. So it’s costing you ~$120 every single month they can keep you on probation. Because now not only does the local government get their requirements for keeping you documented as on probation. So does this extra company need it’s payment for keeping you processed and seen once a month for 5 minutes. 5 minutes for $120

Dang songs confusing.

I better keep my nose clean lol

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Oh. That song. Lol. I don’t even think I meant to post that one. One upfront of perfect imperfection on one of my Playlists. But happens. This is a mostly dead thread as I said. Just where I can play around.

My head hasn’t been right for years. I can at least say it’s more together today than it was the last 2-3 years. I surprise myself with what I can remember and articulate today. Tbh. I could show you two mug shots and me today. Look like 3 entirely different people. And they are. Throw in my wedding photos and I was actually overweight. So 4 different me’s. Except the fat me was still smart. Just got fat. Lol

I appreciate the thanks. But if anything I should be reprimanded. I’m about 99% sure it’s actually illegal for me to drink at this point… but I’m also wanted in two states because of actions under the influence… so… legalities… sigh… there’s no reason I should touch alcohol. Heh

See here we have a federal police force, so you can’t just run to another state lol.

I’ve never been arrested. Or had any criminal charges. Heck just a speeding ticket nothing else.

My friend got busted in grade 7 thougj I sold him a 1/4 oz and he ratted me out that I sold it to him they took me to the cop shop to scare me I still don’t crack lol even though I was scared as shit lol.

I sold 1lb that year and bought myself the most pimp ass computer setup.
Grew with my dad’s friend 30 northern light and we got like 28lb’s out of it.

Oh. We have that too. These weren’t federal level. In fact I was convicted on the state level. But I committed extreme violations of probation. So I’m not wanted for a crime that isn’t proven. I have bench warrants to finish my sentence. Which the federal government could care less about.
I didn’t jump a bond either. So there’s no bounty. No one gets paid to bring me in… so they won’t. Unless I get caught in that particular state.

I don’t even think we have like bounty hunters here lol

Just all the police have all the records lol, if you get busted in one area they just lock you up and ship you back to the other place once your virtual trials over lol

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Bounty hunters is a gambit btw… their signature gets people out of jail. With no money. But if you jump their word. They get paid to bring you back. How is that a thing? United Police states of America

If you broke it you pay for it lol… Eventually

I like to travel and having a warrant they will just grab you at the airport lol

Heck if the USA has a federal warrant on you Canada will grab you and deport you

I’ve paid 10x over. For sure.

But you broke parol…

Anyways not my thread in gonna end this conversation out of respect for you both

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Glassed over. Nice.

Caused by a layer of pure keif.
It really doesn’t look like that. It’s a deep green with a sheen. I just haven’t figured out how to make a gif small enough to post. I do post gifs yes, but none made by me. Always to big to post.

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I can usually do it if I use the camera while I’m my text messages, switch it to video and it takes them low res enough to send and use. On my Google pixel art least… I don’t know iphone.

That’s a beautiful looking treat

I use a Samsung note20 ultra. I guess I could try turning down resolution. But then it wouldn’t show as well.

I can’t send video files unless I take them in my texting app. Come to think of it I’ve never tried to pay a video here. Maybe I’ll do that before it rains.

Hmmm… think Facebook may know I rebuilt this os a little. At least they noticed it once… lol…

All the same device. Obviously.

Top one is app, second was browser, third messenger. And they say they honor our “do not track” if that was true. It wouldn’t say Linux

Didn’t want to flood that topic anymore than it already was. But with today’s tech why would you recommend that? My propegation light runs 40w and has IR to heat the medium surface… 600w is as much as use in both flower tents combined… My lights only run in the 250s… within a decade. You’ll spend exponentially more on hps. In replaced bulbs and wasted watts. All 4 of my lights combined only pull 640w… flower 2x4(250) flower 3x3(230-260) veg 4x4(101-141, the 40 being the prop light). 600 is way too expensive in 2021

This under the lesser 250 on my main thread…

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@Budz Simple the heat signature your advanced technology is missing. It may be old school to some but it’s tried and proven to grow tight not loose buds. The heat off that light is like the sun it pops em everytime.

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