First Semi-serious grow. Weekly Journal. Indoor Blue Dream/Blue Haze

Ok! First off I’m a long winded Person so feel free to skip to the pictures or read my babble! As this journal progresses it wont be so long. This first entry I wanted to build a good picture of my set up and the stuff I’m using, so people can have a better knowledge when suggesting things to me. Or perhaps you’ll even want to use something I’m using :smiley:
Ive never kept an online journal and I thought this would be a perfect time to start.

Ive already started my grow, my next one I think I will start this journal from seed.
This entry will be about 37 days into the grow already. But I haven’t started the flowering light cycle yet which is where I am now.

Here are some photos of my cheap indoor set up and a small list of the things I’ve been using. (Photos at the bottom)

My tent is: Apollo Horticulture 36”x36”x72” Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent
Link to buy one here:

My lights are: 1000W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor by Sunraise

Light 2: 600W LED Grow Light, ZXMEAN Full Spectrum Plant Growing Lamp

Light 3: 12" LED Grow Light System Blue. Could give or take this one not that great but meh whatever.

My Vent fan: iPower 8 Inch 420 CFM Booster Fan Inline Duct Vent Blower with Variable Speed Controller Adjuster. I actually use this to blow air INTO the tent via the top duct and open an empty duct at the bottom just a little for air flow.


I have 2 white fans you can see in the picture and I bought those at Walmart for like 5 bucks or something, little garbage 2 speed clip on fans that work just fine but no link sorry.

The Soil! YAY!
I used a combination of things. Frankensoil if you will but it seems to be doing great! I haven’t had to use Nutrients up until about 4 days ago when I started watering heavy.

So I used:
Soil: FoxFarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil
(I didn’t buy this from amazon because its super expensive but you can find this at a plant store if you look hard enough, but heres a link anyway.)

Soil 2: Black Gold All Purpose Potting Soil
I used this one for the nute content and it seemed fluffier than the others i looked at. Again bought cheaper at a local store but heres a link.

Soil 3: Just Natural Organic Potting Mix
This can be found at Walmart for 2-4 bucks a bag. I bought this because it had other nutes in it and the things I’ve read about such as worm castings and some other goodies. Bags are fairly small and i didnt use much. More on mixing later.

Soil 4: Burpee Garden Coir
I got this because i wanted to add some coco to it because of the things Ive read about it but didnt want all the medium to be that. So i bought this and mixed a little in with everything else because, Why not, And again cheaper at Walmart but heres a link

                       ***Other Additives and Trinkets!***

I Also used Blackgold Perlite and Vermiculite, Not giving a link because that stuff is everywhere and I dont think brand matters for this stuff.

Soil Mender Dry Molasses Again cheaper at walmart or local store.
And use this stuff sparingly. Again mixing amount later on.

This is a product i assume you will all get on to me for at this stage but that’s why i have this journal, please bitch gripe and complain about the way im doing things. I want to hear all the good bad and the ugly.
I used a small amount of this In the BOTTOM of the container with a thin layer of soil across the bottom. I only used a small amount and stirred it around at the bottom section of the pot and mixed it to around the half way mark of soil then added more soil on top. I did this planning for the future, seedlings wont water down that far but by the time it was a bigger plant around 30-45 days in the roots will be down far enough to benefit. This was my logic anyway. Blast me if I’m wrong.
Flower Fuel 1-34-32, 250g

Co2 Usage.

Grow Box by GrowBro
I liked this and i know i know i could’ve made this crap on my own cheaper. But i liked the packaging and container that i can continue to use in the future. Its the perfect size for my tent and i didn’t have to make it because… I’m lazy af.

These 2 Co2 Products keep it around 1000-1200ppm which is fine for me. And its all an experiment anyway.

Safety 1st Safety 1ˢᵗ® 360° Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier, Arctic
Bought at Walmart in the baby section. 30 bucks, works like a champ.

Timer and Power strip These things are freakin great and a monkey could program them
Timer: Century 7 Day Heavy Duty Digital Programmable Timer - Dual Outlet
These things are freakin great and a monkey could program them and it came in a 2 pak :smiley:

Power Strip 1: GE Designer Cord Pro Designer Extension Cord with Surge Protection
Power Strip 2: Hyper Tough™ Workshop Indoor Metal Power Strip

I also have these hanging from the lights and other places for the bug problems.
An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.
Product: Hot Shot No-Pest Strip

The Humidity/temperature gauge I use. Its about as accurate as i care to get it. Ive used other products to test it and its just about spot on, give or take a degree or 2ish. Not enough difference for me to care about.
Product: La Crosse Technology 308-1414B Wireless Atomic Digital Color Forecast Station with Alerts

Here is the PH pen I use. I had tried a few different ones and this one gave me more of a consistent reading every time.
Product: GlowGeek Digital PH Meter

Last but not least, The Pots! I bought the 3 gallon and the 10 gallon. And used them respectively.
VIVOSUN 5-Pack 10 Gallon Plant Grow Bags, Premium Series Thickened Non-Woven Aeration Fabric Pots w/Handles - Reinforced Weight Capacity & Extremely Durable

Ok! So that’s about it for the products I’m using. Now for the Soil I mixed. These are all approximate and I’m going to be using stupid nonscientific measurements.

This is all in the 10 Gallon pot. I filled not quite half full with Foxfarm, I put about 4 handfuls of the perlite and vermiculite, 1 handful of Molasses(This stuff will stink up your pots and mold quickly if you use too much thats why I stuck with just a small handful in a 10 gallon pot), Then about half a handful of the flower fuel, An entire bag of the Just natural organic Potting mix and half a bag of Burpees Garden Coir And I used my hands to mix all of this thoroughly, I then used the black gold to fill the rest of the pot and gave that a quick mix and not so thorough. This mixture has been the fluffiest, softest soil I’ve ever used for anything ever! When I water it compacts it and after a day or 2 its back to being fluffy super breathable soil again. It really makes watering easy and the roots are just diving through it!

Please if anyone has even read this far let me know what you think about my mixture. Would you do something different? Change an amount of something? Substitute a different brand?
What about the other gear I’m using? Thoughts?

Now on to cycles. I germinated them in a water glass for 24 hours, then paper toweled it for 24-36 hours to get a good size taproot. I planted them in the containers they are in now straight from germination. I watered every 2daysish in tiny circles around the outside of the plant as to promote root growth and stretching. Light cycle has been 17 light/7 dark. Ive kept moisture around 50% and temp around 73-77F. Once the plant started to grow its 3rd set of leaves I upped the watering amount.

I’ll admit one mistake I’ve already made is that I didn’t know you were supposed to saturate the cloth pots, during watering i was unaware that you are supposed to water until you get run off, I assumed this would make mold but i suppose proper airflow and care would thwart that.

So! I actually just started that watering method 4 days ago. With the 10 gallon pot I Pushed 2.5 gallons of 6.4 PH water through it, waited for the drain to start then I pushed .7 gallons of 6.4PH and some of bergmans growtime nutes I used a table spoon for the .7 gallon mixture and ran that through it as the final pour.

Also I’m sure some of you will notice the date tags in my pots and yes they aren’t all the same date. I planted some and they started great, 2 of the seeds stalled out and took another week to germinate properly, why this happened I don’t know. The dates on the labels are the date I stuck them in soil.

As of today 3/17/2019 2 plants are 37 days old these are the Blue Dream and have the Blue Labels. 2 plants are 31 days old and 1 is 27 days old. These are the Blue Haze.

The reason I have a 27 day old plant is because It gave a strong taproot and then it never came through the soil. So I planted another seed on top of it. After about 2 weeks it popped out so I re-potted it into its own pot. It was stunted and a bit of a runt but its hanging in there. At this point the only ones I’m concerned with are the bigger of the 5 plants.

As of today 3/17/2019 I’m changing the light cycle from 17/7 to 12/12. Someone told me to wait 35-40 days and then change it so that’s what I’m doing. If any of you have a better suggestion please let me know what you think. I don’t want to start it into flower too soon but I figured roughly 40 days was good enough.

Without Further delay, The pictures! They aren’t that great right now but i will be updating this journal every week. Please watch my progress and please ask for more pictures, tell me what I’m doing wrong, I’m a sponge please give me all your tidbits and tricks and hints.

I will add photos every week of the progress and make note of the water and Nutes I’ve added.
Please let me know if you think Ive switched the light cycle too soon. I’m strictly using day count for this but I’m not sure if it should be done yet or not. If you want more photos just ask! Ill also post some in natural light on my next watering in a few days.


Go back to 16/8 or whatever light schedule you want (I use 16/8) but it’s a little too early for 12/12

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Awesome thank you! It hasn’t switched just yet. When do you think I should change it? Should I wait for a certain length? Certain time? I’m not sure on when to change it. Is there something I should be looking for?

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Should be a blast to watch I’m strapped in

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Yeah do some low stress training(LST) on them first before you flip (12/12)


haha Thanks! I’m stoked to get input as it goes along. Out of all the research I’ve done and things I’ve read I haven’t really found a week by week guide or blog about much. So Hey! Lets do this together :smiley:

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Well see, 5 minutes into this post and I’m already hearing something i haven’t heard. LST? Is that where you bend the branches a little? I don’t have a lot of space either, that’s an issue. I wanted to basically grow it up and not out and since its also my first grow i wanted to see how it grows normally before i start trying to get all fancy. I’m moving in about 4 months and I’ll have a bigger space for expanding everything.


Size of space? Light?

You see the somewhat flat canopy that’s what L St

All my branches are tied sideways


Its uhhh 36x36x72 i believe it is. Its in the link up top one of the first links if you want to see exactly what it is I’m using. I linked every single thing I’m using. I didnt plan it out too much because I’ve got 5 freakin plants growing in that space and 3 of them in 10 gallon pots. I could probably do 1 or 2 with the LST. maybe practice with 1 or 2 of them. I dont think i have the space for all of them to do that.

Ohh man yeah! That looks great! So just trim all the lower veg/leaves and bend them to produce an even canopy? Thats another thing i haven’t been sure about is what leaves to trim and what to keep. My branches aren’t near as long as yours are yet. Oldest plant i have in my tent is 37 days old. Have a tip for when i should start doing this? I think I have enough space to do this to 1 maybe 2. Didn’t plan out my space too well and didn’t expect this many to germinate.

And hey guys I REALLY appreciate the tips. I know you probably aren’t looking to mentor someone who knows NOTHING. I really am new and don’t know a lot of terms and techniques, most of what ive researched and learned is growing techniques and schedules, not any fancy tie and trellace methods etc. So for real, I’m really thankful for the time and information any of you put into writing and posting for me. I’m a quick study once I get the information lol.

But since your worried about the limited space you should consider flipping to 12/12 asap and just learn as much as you can from this grow. Be prepared though they will each grow at least 1-1.5 foot in height and width probably more so flip now!!!

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@Wundopeman Yeah thats what I was thinking. I was thinking what you and @HornHead had said and that it was too early. But because I sort of blundered the amount of plants, If I flipped it now it wouldn’t grow TOO much more. I figured Up and not out would be the best course of action. Its also my first “From seed” Grow… ever. So I sorta wanted to learn from this grow, do it BEST I can but once I’ve seen how it works, the cycles, Nutrients etc, on my next grow once I move I’ll have a ton more space and have a grow under my belt and then start min/maxing for yield and better grow methods.

So You really think I should flip it now? Or maybe wait another week or so?

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Flip now and let the countdown begin

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Done and done! Thanks a lot!

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Alrighty! Next update: Next water, and Next Sunday 3/24/2019 Week 1 of 12/12 cycle, Pictures to follow! Already getting great info and tips thanks guys!

Take notes and photos every couple days so you can reflect back on

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Checked on them this morning and one had some color change none of the others look like this. I used the same water as I did all of the others. But there are a couple of leaves on this one with this yellow outline on it. Any ideas why only a few of the leaves did this?

Over fed her back off the nutes a little

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