First seedlings

So my tent is together!

Believe it’s correct.
First batch of seeds

All 10 popped roots. Getting ready to plant in a clear solo cup inside a red solo cup for the photo period.

Using Foxfarm ocean blend soil as a medium.

After photo period I’ll trans plant into 3 gal fabric pot. At what point do I add nutrients?
I have an 846 1/2’ tent with charcoal filter duel reflectors using 600w HM/HPS bulbs. Is HM on a 18/6 ok to start with photo and vegetative states?

I have a green sea net to go in the tent. When do I put it up and what is it’s purpose?

At what point do you trim leaves?

How can I get around my ph reader? It came with the kit but shipped separately. Email says it’s on its way but the train is rolling and there is no going back now.

How do I test the soil?

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That soil is hot!!! Mix it with regular soil from outside for solo cups if it isn’t too late

Once they fill that out you can plant them in ocean forest

Start feeding when you see that the lower leaves in the plant are starting to die off from need of nutrients

You can do a “slurry test” on the soil when the time comes but just know what’s going in (ph and tds)

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What’s a slurry test?

It’s where you take a sample of the soil, mix it with distilled water so you can use a ph and tds meter to test it.

You’ll want it to be smooth liquid not mud consistency but not too thin either… baby bear

What do you recommend mixing it with. Plain potting soil or miracle grow? And thing specifics or special

Don’t use miracle grow!

Just plain dirt and I mean take it and mix plan dirt and ocean forest at a 1-1 or lower ocean forest so you don’t kill your plants by too many nutrients in the soil

That is something I can do. Didn’t know fox farm ocean was not a good starting medium. I know for next time to order light warrior by fox farm is my understanding to be much more friendly.

When should I install the net and what is its purpose?

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It’s to support the heavy colas so they don’t fall ontop of each other. Before flower and you know the height you wish to start the flip. You can use the first layer to know the level your canopy is when you switch to flower

Then use a 2nd layer of netting about 12-18 inches above that, depending on height of plants when you start flower, to support the real weight

Is my HM light good for both the photo and vegetative stages?

Short answer yes!

Long answer it will create a lot of heat be careful with distance of it from plants especially seedlings. Try to get a t8 light bar set for cheap to take seedlings from sprout to start of veg. Once they get some roots slam them into that tent with your metal Halide

Will a standard House fluorescent light work?

Yes but you’ll need to be able to change distance of light to the plant, that way you can control size and shape of plant

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