First seedling - brown/yellowish spots


Long time reader, first-time grower! Loving ILGM and all the support of the community. It’s been my Bible for setting up my tent and starting to plant.
The seedling is now 2 weeks old.

Hoping someone more experienced can help me with these small spots which I noticed yesterday. To be completely honest, I had watered the a bit more than I usually do the day before. Usually I only water lightly to moisten soil, but this time, as the soil was pretty dry, I watered a bit more. I wonder if I might have overwatered the plant?

The spots are very tiny, but hope you can see them.

  • Northern light RQS
  • 2x2x5 tent
  • Soil, Canna Terra professional
  • Small plastic pot
  • PH N/A, tap water
  • Mars hydro ts 1000 @ 27 ‘’
  • Temps; Day 78- 84 , Night 75 - 80
  • Humidity; 45 - 60
  • Carbon filter/ Out fan @ 85 - 110 cfm, passive/52 cfm


If you’re not feeding them then I’d say yes to much water. One spot in the upper left of the pic looks like water got on the leaf and the light burnt it. Water flood to drought. Make sure completley dry before watering. And welcome to the forum, you will find some great people here and tons of help.

Hi @Bow4Buck,

Thank you so much for helping me out.

Yeah, so I haven’t given any feed yet, only water.
Will go back to watering a bit less intensely for now.

Thanks again!

Ph is almost always applicable, if you don’t have a meter to test and set your ph you should make it a priority to pick one up.