First season, starting late, outdoor South Australia


This ILGM strawberry kush is growing daily like zuckerbergs bank account. She’s gonna be a monster


Here’s the latest from Gale


They are looking great man, only advice is wait her out, she’ll get super fat her last week


I’ll try to hold off, lol i don’t know how long these auto’s are meant to take, any ideas?, hell I don’t even know what strain she is or how old she is exactly. I’ll have to get a jewellers loop soon I guess.


OK everybody I’ve got issues with Josie. Is she revegging or what.

definite new leaf growth from buds :(:scream: leaves aren’t normal 5 finger lookin. PLEASE HELP!!!


Some buds just put out more leaves my last plant had real leafy buds


Here’s strawb after more LST she’s kinky as… Loves being tied down. I’m still worried about this mystery girl tho that’s her in picture next to strawb.




has anybody ever heard of an auto going back into veg? Or an outdoor photo going back into veg? I’ve still got 14+ hour days here and its not summer yet till next week. Thoughts?


Hay brother how’s things?? Hay when you use pegs to tigh down ya girls do thay come lose?? My main steam always pops out of the soil


Yes she is bro so is mine lol :joy:


My clones are growing weird 1 and 3 fingered leaves, but they are still in early veg. I’m told it’s not a concern but I don’t know about flowering plants doing that, or reveging.


It’s reveg bro I’ve got the same took a clone of plant :seedling: that was just going into bud this is it now so dont stress my friend


This the one :point_up:️ in tree? She’s sexy


Hey bud, when I peg them down I really squish the stem so it bends easily and doesn’t resist it. I think its bad for stretch but spreads her out nice. So they’re revegging huh? Y do you think? Days still too long I guess? They did start flowering early. Would this make my girl a photo and not an auto then? As long as she doesn’t hermi I don’t mind. She smells so strong. She’s thrown out my plans of pulling her and using her spot for a young girl that’s going in a pot that I wanted to plant in the ground but hopefully mystery girl puts on some more tight nodes. Who knows?


mystery girl


definitely reveg I think. She’s grown 2 inches in a week after stalling for 3 weeks


the potted ilgm gold leaf that I wanted to put in mystery girls hole


strawb if the rain stops for long enough today I might set up a Scrog for her so I can get some tent pegs back lol.