First season, starting late, outdoor South Australia


Is that FIM the gist of what I should be doing.

I run out of tent pegs so I replaced my ‘prop’ pegs with dry spaghetti strands to keep my shade leaves out of the soil.


Whatever works! @Powaforce they look great!


She loves the LST. Look at the change in just 4 hours of morning sun since last photo. Bloody unreal


There got so big man i haven’t been on here for while about 10 days and i can see different man big time


Here’s mine since last time bro


These bitches are going ballistic. Every day I get home they’ve grown a bunch.

strawb gale after her 1st tentpeg LST
mystery girl has really stalled out. She’s in at least week 8. If she is as suspected a white widow auto, when is she meant to due outdoors? My phone is shit at close pics for trics. @Caosred yours look schmiko mate. Exciting new year awaits :wink:


I thought it might be ato! And yes brother yours are cranking did you tigh brenches down on the kush?? With tent pegs i do the same but use coat hanger wiere works just as good :blush: what are you feeding your gals?


Gday bud,p yeah I pegged down the strawb kush and she loved it, she went from being able to hide under a 10L bucket to needing the width of a 44 gal drum in the space of 3 days. I feed with thrive

Generally I water in the morning of Mon + Tues then I’ll feed them Thrive wed night, nothing Thursday then water mornings Fri + sat and another Thrive on Sunday at some stage.


I was only thinking when I was pegging her down that I could use a coathanger or something like what they use to train bushes to be ornamental. I think a bonsai looking kush Bush would be great fun to play with.


Lol :joy: i use the same and feed them on Tuesdays haha tripy!! I pegged one :point_up:️ mine down today after seeing yours cranking had too!!i also use once a month a carp and sea weed fertiliser its wicked I’ll post pix of it






Holy shit that is some tight nodes


They’ve exploded! :green_heart:


Wow there crankin now every time you put pics up ya see the difference :metal:t2:


@Powaforce nice :slight_smile: are they in the full sunlight all day,?


Yeah mate. Just about full sun all day, there’s a tree that shadows them for and hour or two. Squishing the capillaries is the key tho I think. The strawb has a staunch stem now lol


Brother got mites how you get rid of em there’s not to manny ATM so wanna get rid of em asap before thay do any real damage


Lady bugs bro they wipe out mites quick smart, or confidor ( pyrethren ) from bunnings


Josie, she’s stalled out so I’m thinking harvest time for her very shortly. Still white pistols but she’s stopped fattening.