First season, starting late, outdoor South Australia


F*** yeah, I was gunna say that’s the most symmetrical auto I have ever seen with nodes that tight. Was it grown from seed outdoors it’s whole life? Beautiful lady sir, it’s a keeper!


I got her off of a mate when she was about 3 inches tall and 3 nodes from memory, she went in the ground that day which was 24 sep I think. Before then ive no idea. Mate told me it was a clone that day and I didn’t think much of it. She started showing pistols after bout 5 weeks from memory (dates in here somewhere above lol). I asked my mate then which strain it was and was it auto and he couldn’t remember giving it to me, he did remember giving somebody clones (he recalls 2) and also remembers somebody gave him some seedlings which he might have given one 2 me but he thought that they were the ones he has going now in his indoor set up. Not much help lol, todays mystery girl


Tight node action :wink:


Ilgm strawb is really starting to find her feet and her place in the world,

I’ve got a house inspection on Friday then after that I think I’ll start scrogging her. hopefully a 44gal drum turned upside down over the ladies fool the landlord and don’t do them no damage. I’m gonna tell them I have compost brewing in there lol


Ok ok here’s Gale

what a woman! This is her from the top. I’m really starting to love this growing caper. I find myself eyeing off my 500+ litre fridge for some repurposing. The Mrs can’t work out why I want a new fridge so bad. This one sometimes starts beeping for no reason, very annoying at 3am


That’s us man I’m in toukley lol :joy:


Going good brother that kush has really came on ayy


OK, inspection day!!! :scream: I’m a bit nervous but i think I’m more nervous about the girls getting weird about being under hot drums in the dark for a few hours then the actual inspection. So here’s the mystery girl today



And here’s strawb. I gave her a tiny bit of LST yesterday, just with a few tent pegs pushed in to the ground holding her down and a couple to prop up any leaves that were touching the ground. She’s bounced back like a champ!!!

I’ll head up to see gale after the inspection


Wait no longer, and Heeeeeeeeeerrre’s GALE


Wow! She’s really taking off :sunglasses: That bit of wind did wonders for her :grin:


I pegged her down with one tent peg. Ironic that i was worried when she blew over and now she’s recovered, I’ve put her back to where she was. She’s a leggy girl so I think she’ll look up pretty quickly. Hopefully she’ll shorten her nodes a bit with some rayz on her belly.


@bob31 here’s gale today.

she’s turned up just dandy, I think she’s gonna be a ripsnorter !


She looks great! @Powaforce can you get those leaves out of the soil? The enrichments in the soil will burn the leaves


Yep, check :wink: I took a photo but it was blurry. I usually put tent pegs under them to lift them up off the ground. A bit of breeze or her instinct lifting her skywards and she slips off of her perch sometimes.


@Powaforce looking good man,i now you will have those hot hot days like on the east coast but better,have loved watching outdoor thrive in stinkin hot weather,cant wait to see,what do the temps get up to where your at? :slight_smile:


Yeah its definitely heating up. We’ve had a week in low 30’s Celsius but I’m sure we’ll get our 40+ degree days soon enough. Once december rolls on in I think we will have more 35-38 degree days then cooler ones. I’ve got some shade cloth at the ready, but I’m reluctant to put it up unless the girls ask me really nicely.


@Powaforce i worked over near port headland middle of summer out in the middle of bum fark,an it was 60 on rail tracks so 50 degrees air temp,hottest ever,i wondered if you gettin those temps at all :wink:


Nah won’t get that hot here, once summer starts it’s pretty much hot and dry 35-40 with the very occasional thunderstorm which will drop temps for a few days but nothing like pt headland, I was in Merridin WA. 5 or 6 years ago and we had 39 days in a row over 40 degree Celsius. That was enough for me. I try to stay within fishing distance of the coast these days.


I can’t help it. Strawb responded so well to the LST that I had to give her some more. I just fimmed one top(my virgin fim)last time and did another today to show the Mrs that it wasn’t bugs that deformed that first top. I’m not sure I’m doing it right but with a name like ‘F@#$ I Missed’ I figure I can’t go too wrong