First season, starting late, outdoor South Australia


Love your work @Powaforce


As far as I know, the neighbours are unaware of thrice pot topped up blown over madam stretchalot ( I might rename her Gale ) and I haven’t seen anybody out the back since, touch wood. Its abit windy again this morning but I’ll grab a pic after my coffee.
Train tracks, I like it, especially if its easy and inconspicuous enough to get water in. I once had some bag seeds I put next to a big tank that a roadwork crew were using to fill up watercarts. Every time they disconeccted the hose it would get a good flush and it was amongst other roadside weeds so was camouflaged. It had been there for a few months, got to about 2 foot tall and a sheep stuck its head thru the fence and ate it. :(:face_with_raised_eyebrow: here’s Gale’s tree

and here’s Gale, notice how much her stem has thickened since blowing over, she was a stringbean.


I can’t help myself. Here’s strawb

compared to the older unknown strain (possible white widow) shes not very symmetrical lol


Wow what plant is the bottom two pics! That is some tight node spacing! Wow! :astonished:


@Caosred … if it’s your best one are you going to polinate one of the girls for some seed?


Lol I wish I knew. Its a long story but essentially a mate gave me what he told me was a clone to play with. I asked him a few weeks later which strain it was and he couldn’t even remember giving it to me. My completely un educated guess is a white widow auto and if it is, I would think it was a seed and not a clone. Those node spacings are compact. I was going to top her before I suspected auto but couldn’t bring myself to do it because of how symmetrical she is. For a plant only 18 inches high she smells really fruity and almost bubblegummy. She won’t yield pounds but I think she’ll be quite potent. Hopefully.


Aargh, that bastard!! Try pulling it’s nanna’s off so he doesn’t get frisky with your other girls maybe?


Not sure yet just had really good look and dont think it is male just a false alarm :rotating_light: i hope :crossed_fingers:


Hay man looking really good :blush:!! I pretty sure i had false alarm :rotating_light: with that male so done my 1st fimming on it see how it goes


How far up man?? That’s wicked :metal:t2::metal:t2::metal:t2:


Heres some pics



I gotta stand on the very top rung of the ladder to poke my head over to see her. I usually just free climb the tree. I hope for your sake shes not a bloke, just a girl that’s a bit butch. :wink:


True and thanks man me too


Hey @Caosred batten down the hatches buddy, your about to get wet! Lol


Yes we all ready got it man been raining :umbrella:️ for three days now and thay love :heart:️ it


Bro you were right!!! Just got hammered big time had like minni cyclone hail and all but i got my baby’s inside in time :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:Here’s some pics of my garden and some hail


Is there an unlike button, lol. Hail isn’t the ideal growing medium lol


Lol :joy: no it’s not but for how bad it was not much damage here’s pics of baby’s this morning and my garden after all that hail


Lol I saw a catermaran on a roof in Toukley on Sunrise and thought of you! ROFL! :wink: