First season, starting late, outdoor South Australia


Its going ok :ok_hand: man



Lol :joy: not funny but it’s going to flower :hibiscus: bro mine done the same had it in earlier then normal and when spring hit it was ready was spewing i cut all the big buds off and left the rest so now im parying that she goes back to veg witch she is slowly


This is it now


Holy shit, you went to town on her lol :wink: I’ve um and arrred for a couple of days and I’ve decided to just let her do her thing. If I could be 100% sure it wasn’t an auto then maybe I’d try to push her back in to veg but Murphys law says I gotta let her go. I’ve got my goldleaf and strawb kush to keep me on my toes this season. I asked my mate whether it could of been an auto and he couldn’t even remember giving it to me let alone which strain it was. He couldn’t even garrantee to be whether or not it was even a clone possibly an excess seedling that he’d “acquired” somewhere. He was really no help at all. Lol today

clone strawb kush up tree thrice pot topped up ilgm gold leaf madam stretch a lot. I’m not happy with that stretch. I’m hoping now she can see sunrise/sunset she’ll stop it. If that doesn’t work she’ll get topped and maybe even relocated.


Yes mate just let it do it thing! The lil girls are doing good bro and the one :point_up:️ up the tree is getting there like you said if she doesn’t stop being stretchy then just move her good luck man


Your mate not much help ayyy haha :joy: that’s kinda funny too reminds me of someone i know too! Here’s my galls there going nicely


@Powaforce,looking goood man :slight_smile:


OK deep breath, in and out. OK so last night we had as ya’ll Americans in tornado alley would call a light breeze but which we Aussies in the burbs call Freakin windy as all hell. Too windy to climb the tree this morning but I went up after work to find thrice pot topped up madam stretchalot flat on her back with her leaves spread looking back at me over her shoulder.

the rain compacted the extra soil that I’d topped her up with to support her leaving her stark naked with not much chance. I’ve propped her up a bit and the outer membrane isn’t split so I’m hoping she’ll straighten herself up again and she’ll just think she’s getting monster cropped lol it might even work to get her to fill out a bit between those stretched nodes.


While I’m here, here’s strawb

and clone



Your growing in the trees that’s awsome


Same here we got it too man don’t be to worried :weary: yet she’s not dead :skull:! Its just a bend in the steam kinda like super cropping don’t give up ob her yet


Looking good


Yep Supercropped not Monster cropped. I always mess them two up. It put her closer to the middle of the pot and I noticed today she raised her head to have a look around on her new perch. I think she’ll be ok. No princesses where I live lol


Haha :joy: love the way you put that!! Good luck with her man! I thought she be ok


Ok so not only has she doubled her stem thickness above where she was bent but she’s also stood herself up off of her support stick. Happy days :wink:


Happy days bro


@Powaforce …that’s hilarious man…how’d you go? I’m in Australia too with 4 babies growing along a train line :slight_smile:


Went out this morning to have a look at my lady’s had big rain :umbrella:️ last night!!anyway pretty sure got a male grrrrrr :rage::rage::rage::rage:im going to wait lil longer so i am :100:-% sure its male than pull it out!! ! And it’s my best one :point_up:️ too!!