First season, starting late, outdoor South Australia


Also a quick update on my outdoor anonymous clone. I removed those yellowing bottom leaves 8 days ago and she sprung back well. Also gave her a water with thrive. Clone today looks like this

and like this does any body care to have a guess, educated or otherwise, as to the strain of this sweetheart? Nodes form directly opposite of each other.


Think ww and yes man just get more light into it! And there nice healthy


Is that tge cutting you got off mate?


Yep that’s the cutting from my mate but he doesn’t know what strain it is either.


Do you mean you think yours is white widow or you think mines a white widow? Or both ? Lol


Think :thought_balloon: mine is! But yours looks very nice she’s pumping


All looking well so far!

unknown clone 22 days of planting![image|373x500] (upload://gCWJ9B2rCwEwWx9UuSeOSfylZP9.jpg) ilgm fem strawberry Kush 11 days from sprout


Last pic was ilgm goldleaf day 11 from sprout here’s the strawb


Looking good man


is my girl preflowering already??? She’s not yet 4weeks since I got her in the ground???


Is it auto flower?? If so yes it will be! But if not just showing its sex ! But this time of year in Australia :australia: it shouldn’t be showing this early so i rekon it auto flower :hibiscus: i could be Wong ask ya mate who you got it off thats the cutting isn’t it?


I wouldn’t have thought it was an auto flower but I’ll have to ask him. He’s pretty old school so id be very surprised if it was an auto. That said, he does seem to have fresh smoke pretty regularly. Lol I don’t know. The timing would suggest an auto tho I guess.


Yeah just ask bro but if it isn’t auto its just showing it’s sex our weather has been up and down in NSW!! So that can make ya plant show not bad thing man just go with it give it nitrogen to promote veg


Cool thanks mate, I should catch up withhim on the weekend, I’ll ask then. It’s warmed up here into the 30’s for the last few days, no signs of heat stress which is good but the dirt seems to dry up real quick, even a full finger deep dries in a few hours.I resist the urge to water for as long as I can but she still gets a couple of waters a day. I hear people on here sometimes only water a couple of times a week. I’d have one crispy girl. Thanks @Caosred your input puts my mind at ease :wink:


Still going swimmingly for my girls. Clone

strawb kush I’ll have to head up the tree to see my gold leaf tomorrow. My neighbours are cooking a BBQ directly underneath the tree that she is hiding in. Fingers crossed that nobody looks up. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen anybody out there. I’m hoping it’s only a one off. The tree is in my yard but godly is positioned directly over the fence line. I painted the pot green for some camouflage from a distance but if you stand under the tree ( where the neighbours are right now) and look up, it stands out like dogs balls. I’m a very nervous boy atm. Wish me luck.


Haha :joy: its not funny but is! You got to see tge sense of humour in it?? Yes bro there going nicely! I’ll show you mine after a two day rain :umbrella:️ loved it



Sweet, I love the 1st shot from directly above. Reminds me of a collidiscope. Yeah bud, the mrs and I were giggling about it all night. I was thinking today tho that I won’t know if they saw it or not. I guess I’ve got a few months to get chummy with them, just incase they did see it. My clone loves the thrive. Feels like she puts out another node after every feed! Keep em happy;)


No one will notice don’t worry. I’m in nsw and you should see where my little crop is. So obvious but you’d never see it unless you were doing what I’m doing :wink:


Up tree Thrice pot topped up madam stretchalot

Note to self… Always fill the pot right up to near the top when planting to prevent stretching!