First season, starting late, outdoor South Australia

Yeah but which one is the strawb kush? And which one is the random seed that was already in my patch? Or do I raise them both like my children for another week atleast? Lol? If it is the top one, it has moved 150mm and gone up hill.


Bottom one doesn’t look like cannabis at all. :flushed:

Are you sure they are both MJ?

Top one is her.

Only one is mj. But I put the mj seed where the bottom one is. Doesn’t look like mj to me but the top one does. I just wondered If the seed would have moved that far and uphill? I’ve got some bricks around them to protect them a little from my kids and their balls but if the mj is the top one, I may need to rearrange things a little. The only reason I thought it was the bottom one was because that’s where I put kush seed. The top one is lucky he didn’t get plucked as soon as it sprouted.

@Powaforce,was gunna say that almost looks like a cucumber sprout :slight_smile:

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It very well could be. I’ve got no idea what has been growing in here previously. I’m gonna give it a week and make sure.

Is my gold leaf baby stretching because I have her too deep in her pot or because she’s up a tree and not getting enough light due to some remaining canopy blocking her out?

she’s only in about 2/3 of the pot filled. I was trying to keep weight down.


@Powaforce.looks great :slight_smile:

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Just put some more soil around the base of it

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Will the stem rot if covered up with dirt?

No it just gives it surport

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Cool I’ll head up the tree after lunch.

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Hey @Caosred, I pushed some soil around the stem but today I’ve noticed she’s starting to stretch again. She’s still about 8 inches from the top of the pot. Should I cut the pot down so she’s at the top? I’m worried she’s gonna keep stretching until she’s over the top of the pot

Show me a pic

I topped up pot for the second time. She would have atleast 1.5-2 inches of stem burried now still about 6 inches from top of pot.


Yes looks like she’s looking for more light man thats why keeps getting long steam put her in the sun :sunny:️ more mine outside have full sun from sunrise to about 4:00pm in arvo!! I’m in NSW. So put her right in the sun

same age as yours man more sun :sunny:

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Nice, what strain is that you have there? I was afraid it was going to be a lack of light. Being up a tree there’s still some canopy above her, not much but some and that along with being low in the pot I think is handicapping her. That said, my strawb kush in the ground is still only tiny atm ( for those wondering she was the top sprout of the 2 sprouts shown previously, thanks all for the input). The ground strawb and the tree goldleaf were planted same day but strawb sprouted a couple of days later. Is the main problem with seedling stretching that she struggles holding up the bigger buds or does stretching also affect other things?

ground strawb kush fem up the tree gold leaf twice pot topped up madam stretchallot

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