First season, starting late, outdoor South Australia


OK so my virgin strawberry clone has been giving away, a mate was having her 50th and we forgot to get her a present so happy birthday :wink: last pic of her for a while


The Strawberry Kush Bush


And washing gold leaf. She blew over in the wind last night, tipped out her top soil and was on her side. She must of been like it for a while cos she’d started to turn up. She recovered well and she’s now been topped up

I’ll go up to visit gale in the morning.


I bet it was the best gift she received!! :sunglasses: It was meant for you to forget to buy a gift so you could give her the best gift… sort of a Freudian slip?! :wink::+1::seedling:


Look at that thing it’s on steroids


You may be right, it let me take another clone without feeling guilty and having to explain it to the Mrs. This one should time up with my fridge being ready without being too big. She’s only a baby compared to how virgin clone started but I’m refining my technique but not using any gels or powders. I did forget to cut at 45 degree also but my mate who gave me Josie took 2 clones of both Strawb and my washing gold leaf. He can’t believe how good these genetics are. Thank you Robert and ILGM. So if this clone dies I’ll just get one of those once they root.! He does it properly with gels and stuff. I might even attempt a graft, OK prob not this time around :wink:



A double win! :sunglasses:


Hay bro are your girls spitting hairs out yet??


OK let me check :wink: gale this morning


Can’t see probably bro in that picture


Josie… No pistols

Strawb… No pistols

![IMG_20180116_192753|375x500] (upload://zsgR5OpWEkGbN7eDIqSCrRmZUEC.jpg)
Washing machine ilgm gold leaf

Maybe, just maybe, the very first slightest sign of possibly just maybe a random not quite hair but little bumfluff Blondie maybe!


Lol I know. :wink: too pissy to visit gale again today :wink:



Haha strange mine all have hairs I’ll send some pics tomorrow bro take it easy


There @$!#in looking so go man yours i mean there beasts what are you going to feed your gals when they are flowing??


Cool. We haven’t really cooled down from those 40 days. Low 30s at the coolest. 40+ expected tomorrow and thursday. I think after that it might cool down enough for them to start to flip. We’re still getting over 14 hours of light also. :wink:


I honestly haven’t thought that far ahead lol. I’ll prob just feed this thrive till it runs out. Prob another month or so then I’ll hit up bunnings for something. There’s some charts I’ve bookmarked on here somewhere, (reiterate somewhere) that’s got the magic numbers I need to look for in regards to ratios then I’ll pick one and let you know. I’m in no hurry, until I start to see deficiencies I’ll just keep plodding along.


Gale isn’t spitting pistols either. Getting closer by the day lol


Here’s mine brother the ones in the garden are cuttings and there taking off now took awhile but tgere getting tgere