First season, starting late, outdoor South Australia


virgin strawb clone, also effortlessly


The 1.8m x 1.5m ilgm strawb kush. I’ve tucked her in more times then my kids… And I’ve got 4 of em


Oh and josie. I’d debudded her to see if she’d reveg. I actually forgot about her since lol. As long as she doesn’t hermi she can just hide in the corner.


half of her reaped bounty is in the jar curing and another half is on a rack drying. Prob about a couple of Oz’s once dry. Its still got that real cutgrass/piney smell. Hopefully that stanks up. She might have been a little immature in the end but strawb was stifling her air flow and her nodes were so tight that I was real worried bout bud rot.

PS. Happy new year to all who follow this or have helped me this far. I know its not new year yet but I’ve got a bad case of premature congratulations! Party time :wink:


I also got this extendable watering stick for gale. Only prob is she has been on rainwater and I need mains for the stick. Time will tell


All except gale had a drink of charlie carp. That stuff stinks like the river( surprise surprise) masks that sweet sweet mj smell tho for a while at least


Hi guys, my virgin clone from strawb is a lot lighter in color then her mum. Is this a problem brewing? Perhaps she’s becoming root bound. Any ideas


Most likely less sun hardened. You can probably stop worrying though, mate. That monster is exploding and you got a lot of time before the days grow shorter! :smiley:


She grows like ground cover, I’m gonna need more scrog and less tomatoes lol. Definitely a good problem to have :wink:


That’s killer plant bro she’s massive


Getting bigger still everyday. Strawb

Wash gold leaf
Strawb virgin clone
And Gale
Its been 40C-42C here the last 2 days but they’ve pulled thru relatively unscathed. A couple of minor burns on strawb where she was touching the extremely hot metal scrog but only on the very tips of the less sun hardened leaves and a few baby shoots that just shrivelled. Its been Hot HOt HOT!!!


There going out of control bro!! Yes that heat is here today man in the 40s


here’s my ladies the ones in the ground are starting to pump now


That’s a sweet looking hedge mate. :man_farmer: loven it sick


Life goal: grow outside and have hedges as nice as @Powaforce :sunglasses:


Man got that heat yesterday wow 45c were we are one of my ladies got burnt few of her leaves at the ends all crispy that was hot


Yep sounds very familiar. My strawb definitely got some burned leaf tips. But it was my washing machine tub gold leaf that really took it the hardest. She didn’t look great yesterday (only 32C) but I moved her into the shade and give her a thrive pick me up and she has bounced back :wink:


Sounds the same as here today its only 29/30c so gave em yesterday a good water :sweat_drops: and shade there pretty hardy plant thay be right as we say


-9C here yesterday. I’d kill for 30C right now! I’d also kill for a stubby of Cooper’s! Lol


SA all the way! :wink: