First season, starting late, outdoor South Australia


Gale is a pain to get a photo of.


gold leaf washing machine tub


And strawb. Look how far she’s outgrown the scrog. Once Josie gets pulled I’ll LST her over where Josie sits now. Josie has got mostly cloudy trics so not long now hopefully

you can see Josie in pic above strawb. Talk about one extreme to the next


OK so Josie had a hair cut.

I raped all her lower buds that were no longer getting sun because of strawb and the tomatoes going crazy. I’ve left the top that has a lot of regrowth just to see what she does.


Ha!! Out of likes but I love what you and @Caosred got goin here. Love outdoor man.


She’s going nicely bro


That’s what i done with mine that done tge same and it should go right back into veg man


I still haven’t scorged yet thinking might not worry about it don’t know yet I’ve been lazy lol :joy: I’ll send pic later bro


Here’s my lady’s bro still haven’t scorged yet


And here’s my clone she’s been growing since July she’s been into flower :hibiscus: and now she’s veging wicked white widow!!


Safe holidays everyone. Quick update, they’ve received no attention for a few days but I did pull these off of my washing tub gold leaf


she still looks healthy other then that tho.


Gale is really coming along. I think if I didn’t have her in the tree she would be stretched out properly and would eventually yield more but I’m happy how she’s progressing


My virgin strawb clone is going to make it I think. Hopefully my exhaust fan gets here this year. It’s all I’m waiting for to kick my fridge grow into gear.


And here’s the clones mother, Strawb

She’s outgrown her scrog mostly, if I’d centred the scrog she would be fitting it perfectly about now but she’s about a foot past scrog on two sides.


Man she’s a monster plant :seedling: ayy!! @$!# so wish i put mine in the ground now makes all the difference mine and yours are about the same age and there’s a big difference


That strawb is like an invasive weed lol. It’s been 40c yest and today I’m worried that my scrog is going to get superhot. Time will tell I guess. Your babies look real healthy, the hail may have very slightly slowed your mob down. I’ll be planting every year outdoor where strawb and Josie are. Can’t recommended it more highly :wink:


Yes a good strain you got time to pull whats left of my tomato :tomato: plants and get my real garden growing lol :joy:


gale growing effortlessly


washing machine gold leaf also effortlessly