First SCROG Grow


Very good!!! Then BOOST it will be!!!

Thanks much all,


I’m only 13 days into flower so I think I will wait till around 2 weeks from harvest and then order the BOOST packets! That way they will be as fresh as possible!


@elheffe702 the Boveda packs work just as well. They’re just slightly more expensive.


@muffybunny Wowzzaaa! This year is turn’in out WAY better than last year! Looks like I might get that pound I’m a hop’in for!!!WEED 000 001WEED 000 004WEED 000 006WEED 000 007


Those are some nice shrubs


Fantastic looking plants! Well done Gilly.


Thanks all!!! I try my best!!!


Well now, the girls are look’in FANTASTIC!!! I just can’t wait till I can get a “sample” bud to try out!!! Gonna be a few weeks before that happens but I ain’t been high for so long it’s kill’in me!!! I’m gonna be patient and wait till the time is RIGHT!!! I;m SURE the wait will be worth it!! I’ll post the most recent pics tomorrow!!! The buds are a grow’in like crazy!!! Wowzzzaaaa! Who woulda thunk!!!??? I counted over 100 buds today (main colas)!!! Yee Haw!!!

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@peachfuzz @muffybunny 2 and a half weeks into flowering! They look GREAT so far!!! A sea of buds!!! I’m definitely gonna get that pound I’m a want’in!!! Probably more!!! Can’t wait! It’s been over 2 months since I smoked last! That 1st joint outta get me go’in good!!!WEED 000 002WEED 000 004WEED 000 007WEED 000 009


I love the optimistic thinking


Well…my 1st grow I got 10.5 Ozs! This grow is gonna more than double that!!! (I hope)


Looking good @Gilly! Hope you get over a pound!


Me too!!! Wow!!!


Nice job, looks great!


Thanks my man!!!


@muffybunny @Donaldj I read somewhere on here a guy was “fimming” his plants and was gonna cut off all bud sites below the canopy because he considered it useless to have bud sites underneath the canopy! Well… I have several (maybe a hundred or so under my canopy") and I’ll be damned if I cut"em off!!! Hey… a bud is a bud no matter the size! As far as I’m concerned, the more buds the bigger the harvest!!! The main colas are doing great so the way I see it even IF there are bud sites below the canopy I’ll take what I can get!!! Little buds add up too ya know!!! Don’t understand the logic in that? Am I missing something!!!



Some prune the stuff under the canopy because it’s not receiving optimum light and conditions. It will also redirect energy to the buds that are recieving the optumum conditions, but it’s all the growers own preference. I just started my first scrog as well and I might try something new that I talked to a couple peope about that I would of nevwr thought of haha


As long as my main colas aren’t suffering I can;t see any reason to get rid of the little ones!!! In my opinion, the more the merrier!!! I have pruned to an extent under the canopy to allow more juice per se to the main colas but as I said earlier, why not leave the little ones? What the hell, weed is weed! As you can see from my pics all is well!!! They are budding so much I have 2 nets on about 6" apart!!! Care to share what that might be???


No we’re gonna keep it hush until I get confirmation on tbis idea for myself haha. Like I said it’s all about your preference


@Dieselgrower @Donaldj @muffybunny Well…Today marks 3 weeks into flower and man, do these baby’s look fantastic!!! I am beside myself! I knew I could grow the stuff but had no idea how well things would turn out! Talk about a sea of buds!!! I can’t wait till harvest time! Wowzzaaa!!! Here’s a few pics for ya’ll ta look at! Hope you lik’em!? Enjoy!!!

GillyWEED 999 010WEED 999 007WEED 999 005WEED 999 003