First SCROG Grow


Stems do and don’t thicken they harden and during stretch entire plant gets larger this does thicken stems some but mostly they lengthen and harden. As for the temps -19c outside rightnow my ladies dipped to 49f the other night still alive they slow in low temp but 60’s isn’t too cold


@Donaldj F’n A my man!!! I just went downstairs and was look’in at’em and decided ta throw the switch tonight! (12/12) Reason being that if I wait till years end they may outgrow the tent!!! I don’t need that $hit right now! I’ve come too far to F’it up now!!! Near as I can tell, I should be sitt’in on a pound or better from the looks of it!!!( I sure F’n hope so)!!!


@muffybunny Throwed the switch to 12/12 on 12/27/17 and when I checked this morning the girls are already gett’in a bit hairy!!! YeeHaw!!! Can’t wait till they are done as I’ve been outta smoke for 2 months now! That 1st joint after that long ough’ta send me to the moon!!!


Haha @Gilly for sure. I like to take breaks once in awhile to recapture that feeling


@bob31 Hi all, I think my tent is gonna bust!!! Yee Haw!!! Look close and you can see the hair a start’in!!! Hair, hair everywhere!!! Wowzzaaa!!! I’m only 5 days into flower and they are grow’in like a weed!! (pun intended) Hair is grow’in everywhere!!! Man, I should have buds and buds and more buds!!!

GillyHair999 002Hair999 009


So , so oooooooh fricken exciting when they start blowing up huh?
I love it :money_mouth_face:


They look great @Gilly

I just had a bowl of AK47 to celebrate!



I told you that tent would be busting at the seems… lol :wink:
What you don’t realize is that you still have 8 to 11 weeks to go :smiling_imp: … hope you have enough room…:fearful:



If I were you , I would net them again… trust me… :wink:

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They should be fine! I still have a little bit of room to move my light up! It’ll be at the very tip top but should be OK!!! (I hope) By the time I order another net (And receive it) they will be too far gone by then!!! I’m gonna continue moving and tucking stems as best I can! I think they will be good till they are done! (Hopefully by my BDay! 3/9/18!!!

Hell Ya!!! Can’t wait for that 1st joint!!! Should blast me off clean to mars!!! (I hope)!!! Been without for 2 months now!!! Waaaaaaa!!!


The second net is to hold all the weight… your going to have buds laying on buds… :wink:
Make sure you have plenty of air movement , but don’t point fans directly at the plants… :wink:

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@peachfuzz Roger that! I’ll try to get another 1 here ASAP!!! Thanks for the tip my man!!! Would have never thought about that! If it’ll help I’ll try anything once!!! If it doesn’t get here in time then maybe just tie off individual buds with twine??? Would that work???


The problem with tying things up is you have alot of bud there , it’ll look like some kind of crazy cob Web and I’m sure that you will run out of tie off points above… once again… there’s alot of bud there… lol :wink:
Good problem to have tho… :wink:
I’m in the same boat at the moment… here’s a pic of a scrogg that I just put into flower a week ago… pic is from day one and already at my top net… I’m gonna have to install a 3rd net… lol :wink:

I let these plants get to big before putting them into flower… it’s hard to keep up with plants when in hydro … they grow crazy fast… :wink:

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@peachfuzz I was able to get my hands on another net today!!! I put it on and now I’ll be able to move and tuck as needed! I should have flowered a couple weeks earlier too!!! Throwed the switch to 12/12 on 12/27/17 Hope it works my man!!! Hoping for a pound or better this grow! Waddaya think, does it look like I’ll get a pound from these 5 / AK-47 plants???



For sure… :wink:
Your plants look super happy and healthy… :wink:

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@peachfuzz Thanks my man!!! I’ve always had a green thumb!!! I try my best to do things the way they should be done! I want to have as big a harvest as possible!


@bob31 @peachfuzz Can you tell me if the BOOST 8 grm 62% humidity packs are just as good as the BOVEDA 8grm 62% humidity packs??? Just curios? Used BOVEDA last year and was satisfied, but have noticed that the BOOST packs are less money!!!


@Gilly I use boost and am completely happy with them


I’m about 5 five weeks into my first grow. I just received my Boveda 62% packs. Wish I’d read this first. Next time!


I don’t use either of those products… sorry … :wink:

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