First SCROG Grow


Wowzzaaa! The girls are growing like weeds!!! (pun intended) For no longer than I’ve had the net on it’s filling in REAL nice! (I’ll try ta get a couple pics up after bit!) I AM SUPER IMPRESSED WITH THIS SCROG THINGY! I’m on schedule to throw the switch to 12/12 by years end! Then another 10-12 weeks of flower time and should be good to go!!! I am beside myself!


That tent is going to be busting at the seems… :wink:
Lookin good tho… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


They are really growing like crazy!Weed000 002


How big is the tent?

Really nice plants!


@Fever Tent is 39" x 39" x 69" tall. I have a bigger 1 but it was too tall to fit in my basement! ( I moved this summer) Now I have a tent that I can’t use! Hopefully I can sell to recoup some of my money!


Too tall by how much? I have one that was too tall by 1/2”. I took that 1/2” off each vertical pole and it worked like a champ. I was worried about the tent fitting too loose, but it’s not even noticeable.


@muffybunny It was right at 3". The house I just bought this summer was built in 1921 .


Ouch. Cutting 3” off would for sure affect the fit. Bummer!


Yes, that definitely would have F’ed things up for sure!!!


@muffybunny Know anyone that needs a tent let me know!!!


@muffybunny Near as I can tell I’m on track to throw the switch to 12/12 on New Years day! Then hopefully by my B Day (March 9, 2018) it will be time for the hack’in!!! Then I should be sitt’in on a pound or better!!! (I hope)! If it takes a little longer then so be it! Don’t wanna rush things!!!


@Gilly what are the dimensions and how much do you want for it?


Is it OK to post a FS item or is that a no no???


I’m pretty sure it’s a NO but let’s check with @Countryboyjvd1971 & @Donaldj


negative not a sales forum a growers support forum


Thanks much! That’s kinda what I thought!


The girls are look’in fantastic!!! I’m on track ta throw the switch ta 12/12 on New Years Day!! Should be done by mid to late March! Hope it’s on my B Day (3/9/18) Yee Haw!!! Wowzzaaa!!! Man, if I get a pound outta this grow I will be beside myself!!!


@Donaldj Correct me if I’m wrong but once I throw the switch to 12/12 won’t the stems get thick enough to support the buds??? Also, we are going through a cold snap here, in my basement the temp is right at 66*, will my babies be all-right or do I need to warm it up a bit down there??? I sure as hell don’t wanna let things go to hell on me!!! Ive come too far to let that happen!!!



That’s the goal my man!!!


Thanks for the kind words!!!