First SCROG Grow

Not sure how you “Tag” someone other than punching them in the face!!!

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tag is the @ in front of your username.

@Gilly @bob31

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@bob31 Thanks my man!!! I’m not too bright when it comes to computers!

@Fever @bob31 OK. Got the net on. Bought some of the plastic clips made for tying branches down. Now, as you can see, 2 plants are taller than the other 3 so I tied down what branches I could. I put it on to accommodate the 2 taller plants. It looks all F’ed up to me but spose it will till they grow towards the light again right? Guess I need to wait till the others are tall enough to tie down. Heres a couple pics. Does it look like I’m do’in it right? Gonna let’em veg for 3 more weeks and then see what they look like !WEED 99 002WEED 99 005


I figgered it out!

Just checked in on the girls and they are already growing back towards the light! Yee Haw!!!


Looking great, and doing a good job. Keep it up and you’ll have an awesome harvest

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@Gilly very good! Next grow get that screen in there a little earlier and they will be a tad happier! Great recovery!


@bob31 Checked’em this morning and they are standing up already. Just that fast! Wowzzaaa!!!
Thanks for the compliments guys!!!

@Nug-bugWEED8888 001WEED8888 002 @bob31


Here’s another example of the SCROG. There is no real wrong way to do it. It’s your plant after all and you can do anything you want! Ain’t it cool?


That is so F’n beautiful!!!


And just to make things even more confusing…

My first ScroG too👏


How do you drain your plants?

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@DieHigh55 I have my 5 gal. buckets sitting in those cheapo (88 cents) aluminum pans that you cook a turkey in. I get’em @ Wally World. (Wal Mart) Then I use a hand pump to suck the excess water out!


A bit more expensive but also effective: IKEA “wine rack”, cooking pot from the second hand store. Total investment, about $20.


@bob31 Does anyone know why some plants grow faster than others when they were all planted at the same time???

Yes! Basically all seed inherit genes from their mom and dad. They present themselves in different phenotypes.

Especially different are the hybrids. They can be tall and have fat indica leaves or vice versa. I forget how many different possibilities there are, but it’s more than a couple. I want to say that if the seeds came from the same mother they could have something like 8 different phenotypes. @Gilly


Here are the girls 11 weeks into veg.WEED 999 003


Forgot to mention that I mist (spray bottle) my plants with a super dilute fertilizer solution (3ml to a quart of .6 ph water) 3 times a day! Did this on the last grow and it netted me 10.5 Oz. of smoke from 4 plants. (not much) This year I’m trying the SCROG and as you can see they are exploding!!! Once I throw the switch to 12/12 the misting will STOP!! Hoping for over a pound this year!!! Yee Haw!!! If they keep on keep’in on a pound should NOT be a problem!!!( I really would like to be able to rotate the plants but at this stage it would be WAY too difficult with the net already on!!!

GillyPS / Grow babies grow!!