First Scrog attempt with ILGM Super Skunk


I know that this is a little late in the grow to start a journal, but as a first time scrogger, I would like any feedback as to how to the plants are progressing. I am two days into flower. I am a relative noob as I have only been growing a little over two years. I diw have the basics down like soil ph in and out, lighting intensity and distance, humidity, and temps. The screen is 12" above airpot tops. The screen is 42x42" and I am running 1000w hps at 24" from canopy. This is my first experience with lst and scrog. In your opinion, did I wait too long to switch to flower? My screen is about 60% full of Bud sights right now. To me it looks good, but always worried as it is my first attempt at this method.


I think you’re gonna have a massive yield!


Nope… that’s exactly what you want to do …it looks to me like you’re doing everything correctly brother …keep it going… all though you might need another net about 8 to 12 inches above that one because you’re going to have some strech going on and they’re all going to want to jump out past that net and then you’re going to want to go through in about 2 weeks and clear all the crap underneath off that’s not getting any light …all the little shoots and stuff …but other than that just keep it going… like I said you might have to build another scrogg about 8 inches above the other one cuz you’re going to have to have something to hold all them heavy buds or they’re just going to start laying all over each other… as long as you don’t have any humidity issues you might be ok but if your humidity tends to run a little high you could run into problems if all the bud is laying on top of each other… You want all those tops to get light if possible…
Here is a pic of a scrog I have going right now that’s been in flower for almost 5 weeks and I’m just about ready to weave the other nett through… you can’t see the net that they’re in now because they already grown past it…

Also for your next scrogg the way I do it is my first net has 8 inch squares and the net above that has 4 inch squares it just kind of makes it a little bit easier to cram them in there and then work with them as they grow…


@peachfuzz, man, your scrog looks great!! I have trimmed from the soil to about 80% of the way up to the screen. I will do the final trim at 14 days into flower. Thanks for the advice on the net. I researched this type of grow for awhile, but there are so many different opinions on the how to aspect if it that I figured that I needed to just do it and get advice here! I mounted my net a little differently than most people. There were so many different views on how high to mount the screen from the top of the soil that I suspended my net from the ceiling using the adjustable light hangers. On the chance that the plants started pushing the net up, I attached a zip tie to each of the four drain saucers under the pots and can hold the net in place by tying it down to them. This also gives me the ability to raise the net if I had to. I also have three 6" fans blowing 24/7. 1 underneath the canopy along with my intake fan and two above the canopy between the tops and the lights. Nervous and excited at the time! It’s been awesome doing something different and spending more time with my girls!


Thanks for the confident words @Savingpvtviper!! Just don’t want to screw it up now!


Looking good bro
I’m going to try a scrog set up when I get my ilgm super silver haze
After I finish up with my current
I going to follow your thread close lol
Happy growing


I was running my temps at 75-78 degrees during lights on and 70-72 degrees lights off. I lowered those a little to 70-72 lights on and 64-68 lights off for flower. Humidity was running 38-42% for veg and now 32-38%. Humidity a little low on the veg side, but didn’t have the money for a humidifier. Plants didn’t seem to mind it. I am growing in a 50/50 mix of Happy Frog and Ocean Forest in 5 gallon airpots. The airpots made it super easy to LST these babies as I hooked around a branch with coated garden wire, gently pulled down, and anchored the other end int a hole on the side of the pot. I am using FF nutes and supplements, but did not feed for the first three weeks as the OF has plenty of nutes for awhile. Then fed every other watering starting at 1/4 strength and working my way up. I am finding out that less is more when I comes to nutes. Plants were vegged for 6.5 weeks. Water is from the tap, set for three days to dissipate chlorine, and pH of 6.3 going in and 6.7 for runoff.


Alright, here we are a week and a half into flower. Had to use a space heater to raise temps a little. Started to dip to 58 degrees at night as it is cold here. Keeping temps between 75 and 65 degrees. I researched this type of grow for a year off and on. Until I get my hands on it, I am skeptical at best. I will say that this is the most exciting grow I have had (ranking second to my first grow!). To read about auxins and how they affect plant growth is one thing. To do it and see it’s results are amazing! Most of the new growth is secondary growth that is developing into full grown colas. This is why I grow, to learn,apply principles, and learn more from the outcome! I have 2-3" if growth above the screen. I am going to continue to train under the screen and tuck fan leaves until next week. Then I will trim the rest of the day undergrowth and let the buds develope. Does my timing seem right? I read the that is the hardest thing to get down. I want to end up with 8-12" colas. Opinions please!!


You are on the right track keep it up …I wouldn’t do anything different at this point and what you said your going to do sounds like a perfect plan …everything seems legit…



Thanks @peachfuzz!! As you’ve done this before, I need all the advice I can get!


You’re doing an outstanding job keep up the good work you’re really enjoy this smoke very good medicine


Looking good bro nice job :v:️:+1::ok_hand:


Hey, @peachfuzz, I had a question. I’m now about two and a half weeks into flower. The buds are beginning to show themselves (I will post pics day after tomorrow). My tops are roughly 4-5" above screen. For the most quality yield, at what height above the screen should I stop training them and let the buds fully develop? I will be doing the final undertrim day after tomorrow. Any input is greatly appreciated!


Dude is that one plant regardless it’s just beautiful


Thanks @Hogmaster, but no. It’s 4 plants. As this is my first scrog, I wanted to keep things on the small and controllable side lol! Screen is twelve inches from soil surface and I used five gallon airpots with the Super Skunk. Next scrog will be Trainwreck with screen set at 20 inches above soil. It will be two plants in seven gallon pots. I want to do as few plants as possible, but still keep my yield up and turn 3 grows a year. From what I’ve read, I should maintain about the same yield whether I use more, and smaller plants, or, just go with one monster in a larger pot. Only variable would be time as one monster would have to veg for quite a bit longer and yield the same. I wanted to learn scrog so that I could start to grow some sativa dominant strains as my height is somewhat limited. I will say that this method is extremely satisfying as I am really learning how a plant actually distributes chemicals throughout its system!


After about two-and-a-half to three weeks the stems will start to harden off and they won’t like to be bent over , they tend to break , so that’s about the time that I stop bending them and then I just let them grow up which they still will grow maybe 5 to 6 inches taller after that point and then they start to pack on the buds and that’s usually about the time you through up your 2nd net to hold all the weight of the plants and those fat buds…:slight_smile:



Alright, here are a couple pics of above and below the canopy. Now 2 1/2 weeks into flower. I did my final undergrowth trim and branch training. I will continue to tuck as many fan leaves as I can. Now time to let the buds develope. Should get a decent yield if I don’t do something horrible in the next six to seven weeks

. Temps between 68-75, will lower by five degrees in two weeks. Humidity ranges 30-40%. Still feeding FF nutes every other watering as per their schedule, now at full strength.


Very nice job
I’ve never tried using a scrog yet but after see all the peeps here posting pics on their threads I’m planning on trying it out
Love the under canopy shot :+1:
Keep up the good job bro


I’ll be trying it outside this year with a Sour Diesel since it’s supposed to be a monster of a plant.


Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971. This is my first scrog. There is plenty of info on how to do it on the forum and very easy to apply the principles. It does take a lot more time with the babies, but we wouldn’t be doing this if we didn’t enjoy it!!