First run of ILGM and Professional seeds

Grand daddy Purple(ILGM), Purple Haze, Blueberry Kush(Seedbank), Cream soda(Bag) and an unknown top shelfer that I’ve entered into solo cup challenge…
Born 10/25/20
Flowering began 12/31/20



Start of Week 6 update…

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Cream soda getting close. She will be first harvested in the bunch.

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Cream Soda has made the cut!!! 7 1/2 weeks and it’s 15-20% amber rest cloudy…


Cream soda smells like nothing I have ever grown/smoked/held before. Just the shake after trimming had me stuck for an hour and a half. Can’t stop smelling the bag… :relaxed: The cure is just making it better.


Damn! Looking good brother!

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Week 8 1/2 update. Progressing nicely. Flushing soil now

End of week 9 for 3 end of week 8 for other 3… still fluffing up

Cream Soda is the TRUTH!!! The smell, the taste… :ok_hand:t5: Curing for a week and still getting better