First real grow. How does it look?

So. what we have here is my first real grow.I tried “seed in the ground” almost 40 years ago and bag seeds from my neighbor a couple of months back. First little plant got eaten just as he or she sprouted her second set of true leaves, second ones never germinated. This is one lonely little blueberry auto plant. The pics are from today which is like day 16 from start the water bath gemination which took 3 days, 13 days from planting and and day 12 from heads up two weeks ago tomorrow. After she poked her head up, she got a few hours a day outside under a 2 liter soda bottle and the rest of the time in the window for the first couple of days. I then bought one of the 32 watt GE LED grow lights at Target and a few days later, bought a second one. I have one of each flavor, 2700 and 4000 or 5000. I am still trying to get 2-3 hours a day outside in the direct sun. She is sprouting her 5th set of leaves and I have like 4 little side branch leaves on the first two sets of main leaves. She is like 5 inches tall and the growth has accelerated over the last few days. .Maybe time to think about LST? The soil is the organic and natural version of the Miracle grow soil from HD. Watering from the kitchen tap. The petioles on leaves 3 and 4 are purple!!! :blush:


Likely going to have to monitor your soil choice for PH. The one thing other soils really lack is being in the correct range for cannabis. If no other choice go with tomato related technologies lol. I would strongly advise a digital PH meter and some means of adjusting PH in your water.

Light is going to be a real issue soon with an auto. You are taking advantage of sunlight (I do too) which is a good thing but better off with something more high intensity when in flower.

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These lights appear to be 30-32 real watts at the wall, not 32 watt “equivalent.” I have another thread talking about them. I took the reflector hoods off of the clamp lights that I ha using so I could fit another one in the space easily. That would give me 150 umols/s. The consensus from the experts is that these actually appear to be kinda sorta “real” grow lights albeit small ones even if they were modified from existing outdoor spotlights. So far so good. this entire setup cost me less than $100 including pot, soil seed, light, etc. I plan to put it outside for longer. I had guys working in my yard up until yesterday, so I had to put out in the late afternoon after they left.


Very nice start they look very good

They definitely look good. do u have a pic of the bag of dirt? MG can be a ticking time bomb

It’s the Natures Care “organic and natural” stuff. The plantt is a little bit taller today the 27th, but it seems to be spending more of its energy spreading out a bit. IthinkthaI almost damged it a bit the other day. Had it outside for a long time and the temperature was like 90. Some leaves started to taco a bit, but now they are okay. Back to heavy rain today, so I might get a couple of hours outside in the afternoon.
The title gal is getting kind of dense, but I am not sure that I want to try LST on my first grow. I am inclined to let her go and see how she does. The stem has thickened up significantly in the last 4 or so days. a couple of days before I took the pics, I was worried about her falling over at some point.

This one actually looks pretty good. They have quite a few. No worries rn tho.

And yea gotta watch that heat. Sounds like u got it handled. I LST’d my first grow and chopped on em after that. Its
Healthy to watch em grow naturally to begin. But lst is sooo helpful I recommend it to everyone. Ur call either way.

That’s the stuff. I bought a bag of the MG perlite, but did not add it because it had notes added. I used to have a huge bag of vermiculite that I used in my blacksmithing hobby, but I stopped using it. Next round, I will go for a more airy soil mix.
As for the heat,I am guessing that if you want to grow in central Florida in August, you should probably think about some equatorial sativa strain. :wink:

Good idea. I always add around 25-35% perlite… even to ready made soils like FFOF. What can i say… i like drainage… n apparently the ladies do too. That MG perlite could have wreckd shop. Sweet catch. Its not… impossible to grow with. Just its tailormade for veggies who like more N. And not very rookie friendly…

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If you’re going to start last, do it asap. She’s probably going to start throwing pistils, soon, then she’ll start to harden off.

I know she looks like she’s far from bloom, but over the next 2 weeks or so she’s going to surprise you with her growth.


I tried today but her main stem has gotten pretty sturdy the last couple of days. I am just going let her go for this first round. One thing I am concerned about is that she is very dense and the nodes are very close together.

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This soil has perlite in it, but not a whole lot or so it would appear. In the bag, it is pretty light. So what would you guys recommend for a store bought bloom nutes?

Im not the best nute guy… i use simple Bloom Fish Emul (0-10-10) and megacrop sample pack. Works like a champ

looks great so far

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So whatyis this little gal supposed to smell like at this point? The only scent that I am getting is what I would describe as vegetal and it might have gotten a little stronger today. As of a couple of days ago, I had to get up close and stick my nose in it to smell that. I have heard some say that this particular auto strain smells like blueberries all the way through growth. I read another post that said that there are a couple of phenotypes. The poster described one as smelling like blueberries and another as smelling like a skunk ate a whole blueberry pie and then farted. :rofl:

At that age… the smell pretty ‘green’. Some have odorous whiffs. Some smell like lavender. Some just grassy. As she ages… trust me ull get particular whiff. Then when u get to flower and pistils and trich formation starts. U get the real smells


So this little gal is like 25 days from seeds going into the glass of water. She may be starting to flower. She is like 8 inches tall and shaped kind of like a palm tree. Nodes very close together. I have been seeing tiny dark green leaves growing under the big leaves for a while, but it looks like they might be in pre flower I am getting what look like little tiny new tops.The newer veg growth is looking purple now. Hope these are good things. LOL
Another interesting thing is that the man stem is now about the thickness of a round chopstick, but the first cotyledon just fell offf yesterday and the second one is still hanging on. The early leaves are yellowing, Should I take them off?

Dont pull em just yet. When they look like they’ll fall off u can try a gentle tug. Dp u have photos? Sounds like ur entering flowering

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