First RDWC grow

September 4
Seeds otw Thanks ILGM white widow. Indoor with a 4 bucket system with a 27 gal res. This is a diy build, thought of adding a bubble line to top feed also, to much?
In a 4x4x6.5 tent res will be outside the tent. 6 in carbon smell filter, 1500w kings watt double chip led lite. Install fans as needed.
Clay pellets for the medium in the bucket with 6" mesh pots. GH flora trio for the nutrients.


Top feeding might be unnecessary and an added headache. I would keep your system as simple as possible until you run into any issues.

Any plans to run a root inoculant? I am getting away with 74 degree water temps and maintaining pearly white roots using hydroguard. You can check out my journal below if it is any help to you and I will be following along!

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No i hadnt thought about it till now, researching root boosters. @letsgroo your build is awesome and great tip in your blog about the air stone

I’m gonna tag along, that is, if you don’t mind. Have you got a picture of your system? :v:

I’m here to learn. Good luck and welcome back. :+1:t2::sunglasses:

tag along @repins12 ill post pictures as soon as its complete

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cleaned seeds roockwool ph correct rockwool soaked 36hrs Sorry for the delay but as in everything got to roll with the punches there are 20 white widow seeds thank you ILGM spraying 2xs a day temp 73.5 to 75.3 humidity 58%. Have pictures of system soon 4 bucket with res