First RDWC Grow Advice

I am looking for assistance with a recent grow. I haven’t grown any dank for years and never have grown indoors. I built a 4 x 12’ growroom that I am using for 4 plants currently. I’m currently only using the eqivelent of a 4x4 space. I have an 8 inch exhaust fan, grow room fan, humidifier and heater and a RDWC setup.

Germination Date: Nov 5 2020
Growth Day: 27

Strains grown:
Philosopher Stilton Auto CBD
NewGuy420 Seeds Sour 60 Auto

RDWC AIr Stones: 2" with high volume pump
RDWC Pump: EcoPlus Eco66 Bottom Draw 75 GPH
Nutrients: General Hydroponics Micro, Grow, Bloom @ 50% strength (Just raised this week)
Medium: Started in rockwool cubes. Hydroton for soiless medium.
pH: Goal pH is 5.8.I check this daily.
TDS: Varies Current week is 450 - 470
Grow Room Temp: 68 - 74
Res Temp: 68 - 70F
Humidity: 65%
Light: (2) Bloomspect 1000W LED
Light Hieght: 12 - 18" (Started at 22")
Light Wattage: 150W each. They draw 300 watts when they are running.
PAR Value @ Plant - ~435 PPF per 18"
Light Cycle: 20 / 4
CO2 supplimentation: Mushroom grow blocks at the clean air intake. My mushroom incubation room / lab is outside my growroom. I also have a 10 lb block in the grow room currently colonizing.

I had an initial issue with slime buildup in the tanks. I have since completely torn down my setup and bleached everything and started over with fresh water and nutrients (I ended up doing this twice.) I believe the issue here was a temperature spike in my room which caused the temps to spike in my tanks. I believe that has been resolved now. I have some Hydrogaurd on order currently to resolve this one for good (hopefully). As soon as I noticed any slime, I got it quickly resolved no matter how drastic the measure.

I’m a little concerned since this is day 27 and my growth seems below average. I have never grown an auto before nor in DWC. My first couple weeks in DWC, I didn’t have my water level high enough. Currently, my water level is below the net pot by about 3 - 4 inches and have good roots down.

Should I be concerned here? Willl they just take slightly longer to flower? Or will they start to flower short like this? These strains finish at 60 days… Any advice is appreciated!!!

GHSCGrower :v:

I just started growing and I use the same exact model that you’re using, but I know that Hydro Guard and Armor-Si helps tremendously with root rot from algae. My roots are extravagant but I do have slime on my reservoir walls

Awesome! Good to know! I have had a couple weeks of good luck between bleach cycles. But I still had some slime on the walls. From everything I have read, you will have some slime but you just don’t want tons of it. I had chunks clogging up the pump and all over my roots. I’m hoping that the Hydrogaurd does the job.

Thanks for the inspiration! :slight_smile: Good luck on your grow!

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Hydroguard works.
It keeps my roots white

I keep my ppm at around 100 at the size thise plants are.

Thanks for the advice! I will change my water on Saturday and go from there.

Does that change at all for autos?

My tap water is above 100. I have very hard water. I’m using the hardwater micro line now for micro.

I grow photos but I found if I have my ppm high it slows them down.
Or burns them

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Awesome! Thanks! I’ll be doing some photos here after these girls are done.

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Do you change your water weekly?
I grow hydro a little different lol

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Well different from others.
I’m attempting a full grow with no rez change


You can raise water level to 2 inch below bottom of net basket. More water makes more stable environment.

Your ppm isn’t to bad. You should shoot for 350 or so at that stage.

Slime would probably be the roots ? Which is root rot. Starts at water temps above 70f or a little more depending on grow setup.
The hydroguard will help to stop root rot. Also air stone with proper airflow makes a big difference. Usually water that looks like a rolling boil from the air bubbles is perfect.

To lower your ppm you can simply scoop out a cup full of water from the pail and replace it with clean ph’d water.

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You may have stunted them a little to start. I made mistakes on my first grow as well and it seems like I’m a week or two behind. It’ll probably affect my yield but what you gonna do, right? :smile:

You’re plants look healthy. I think a lot of times we forget that there’s a lot of growth happening below, when we want or expect to see it above. AKA most likely your plants are just establishing good roots and will start to take off this next week.

Feel free to check out my diary if you want. I have a rDWC setup going as well. One thing I was going to mention that makes me nervous about your setup is the return tubing. When the plants get bigger with a ton more roots they are going to clog what looks like 1” return tubing back to your reservoir. This will happen down the stretch during flower stage. You’ll want to make sure this doesn’t happen.


@Hydro921 Yes I do. Weekly or thereabouts.

@BetrayedSoul Thanks for the advice! I measured my setup last night and I was right at the 2 inch mark currently. I’m leaving it there now and not touching it. LOL!

Slime was on the roots. I honestly think it was from high temps in the tank coupled with one of the addititves I was using. The roots have cleared up well and look great again now since I quit with the additive and bleached the tanks and dunked the roots in a diluted bleach solution. I will still add hydrogaurd at the next water change.

I lowered my PPM to 420 instead of 350. My water is very hard, 190 PPM. I was a little concerned about limiting their nutrients too much. Lowering did seem to help. They took right off overnight. Still not making super high leaps but growing away.

@OhHeyThere Thanks for the inspiration. I’ll check out your grow. My return tubing is 1", that was all I could afford. One thing the guy said who made it was to keep plants on the smaller side and to switch the flow of the water at every nute change. I’m going to give that a go and see where she goes.

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Well I got a loaner light to use for this grow and future grows. It’s likely an indefinate loan. This should be a huge help here. This light has a little age to it but was barely used. Reading about it has fantastic reviews. I don’t know where it stands in todays market but it was the go to light in the past. This light will veg a 7 x 7 room or flower a 4 x 4 room. Made in the USA. :v:

Anyone here use a Solarstorm 800 w/ UVB? Any grow logs?