First RDWC but my 4th Grow Cycle

I just wanted to know how I did before I get my Grape Ape clones moved over. The clones all came from a seed I popped myself. They are about 2 weeks old.

3 part GH Flora
GH CaliMagic
GH ArmorSI
And beneficial bacteria

RO Water about 30 Gallons
FloraKleen for my rez change rinses.

How often should I have my pump cycle on and off, or run nonstop. I will be putting in a chiller before too long(mini-fridge with 150 foot of hose inside it with temp controlled water valve for bypass).

Trying to figure out an average veg time for a 4x4 Scrog. I’m thinking 6 weeks before I flip to flower.

Anything else to add would be greatly appreciated!


Plan on going with half strength on nutes. Also am curious if I were to change my rez once every 2 weeks during veg, would I have to add quarter strength nutes for the week I dont change?

I would continuously run it.

I would check the ppm, and add accordingly.

I dont, I just top off with ph’d water (tap but dechlorinated).
What is the benefit to the recirculation?

It keeps things moving. I don’t really want a passive system. It also helps keep the nutrients all mixed up. I can also control water temp pretty easily

Thanks for the reply! I’m still new to EC and PPM and don’t really understand it all that much yet. Like how would I go about adding nutes if I followed PPM?

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Got my clones in and ready to go!


Look in good. I just use 18 gal totes, external 30 gal res. First 2 weeks or so is 1/4 strength. Next two water changes are about 1/2 strength. Gets me to about 6wks in. From here on out it is late bloom recipe, around 1000 ppm. I reuse the old nutes for lettuce, cherry toms, and chard, diluted way down…they don’t seem to mind!

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I tried to do something similar and didn’t really like it. I had 1 failed system like that. But I was also still really green. My first plant was done in a single 5 gallon bucket DWC. Was amazing. But didn’t like how I had to change out water. Thats also why I made the recirculation system. Glad to know I can use the waste on my Wisteria I have growing. Is there anything besides diluting down the waste before feeding other plants?

I’m assuming you have air stones in each tote.

You can treat clones as adults and hit them with full strength veg nutes when roots hit water. Make sure water level is at least 1 1/2" below net pots.

TDS of nutrient solution should not be higher than about 900 ppm despite whatever GH tells you in their grow schedule. Rez should be changed once every two weeks or so. If you don’t have it; get some peroxide for disinfecting totes and lines.

I veg my plants for as long as they need to populate the screen before flipping. You end up like this:


Once my roots get longer ill be dropping the level. Right now its just under the nets. Yes. I have a massive air stone in each. they require a 20 watt pump each, but got them all hooked up to a single 100 watt pump… Only one that doesn’t is my rez outside the tent. I figured I could go without that one. I do have spares if its needed. Just don’t have enough 8ml tubing to do it rn. I’m following the GH schedule but only at half strength. Those clones were in my cloner at a quarter strength for 2 weeks.

So how would I add the trio to keep it at 900?

Choose an amount you feel will give you the TDS you’re looking for, mix it together then test TDS: if it’s low, mix a stronger amount in a gallon and add and if too strong, add water to bring it down. Once you find the happy spot it is very repeatable.

Amazon sells an inexpensive wave-maker that you could use in your rez to keep agitated and keep from going sour.