First purchased seeds.. 18 days old

pic of my first ever purchased seeds… Amnesia …18 days old… never grown this strain before so curious if everything seem on par and growth rate seem ok ? I LST’d this one over a few days ago…


It’s a nice bushy plant. Welcome to forum there’s alot of great people here who love to help. I didn’t look, is this your grow journal? They’re a good way to record with pics and posts the progress of your plants then it’s always there if you want to go back and look. If you want to ask questions just put like for me put @Amazon66 ,or @LoCoRock or @PurpNGold74 or @blackthumbbetty as you go along you’ll meet alot of people. Have fun and happy growing. :sun_with_face::seedling:

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still new to the site and still learning all the bells and whistles… ill check out the journal section and post some stuff there as well… appreciate the guidance on that…


If you need help let me know if I cant we’ll find someone who can. I’m a retired gal who has smoked since 1971 but had no clue how to grow such fantastic buds didn’t know where to begin and then found forum. I’ve had 3 grows 1st everything went wrong, 2nd spider mites and 3rd all but 1 was male but with help from here that 1 gave me some really nice smoke. I’m going to learn how to make oil you ingest with pure grain alchohol and some bud and some sugary frosty trim can’t wait to try.

really appreciate all the folks i have met on this site… i have been growing for 9 yrs now but i wish i had found this site a long time ago… being in a legal state now and seed shopping lead me to finding this forum… i’ve been growing organic for a long time now and its awesome to see all of the diff methods folks use and the results they get…

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Looks real good for 18 days! Amnesia does start out bushy (especially if topped or lst) but the flower stretch is all sativa. This is one that I grew. The stretch tripled her height and the buds stacked from the base of each branch all the way to the top. They are a really fun strain to grow and have real good yields.

Day of 12/12 flip

End of stretch



Wow is that true with super silver haze or do you know? I’m trying to use lst but I topped her then topped each of those later since I’m new trying to see what that does to plant. Now the part where I topped is full of branches that I can’t tie down, they’re not long enough and they’re getting woody. :sun_with_face:

great lookin plant you got there… thank you for the feedback about the stretch… i was expecting that so thank you for the confirmation… i love my sativas and excited to have this strain to work with finally…


i believe mostly all sativa have a further stretch than indica based strains… i always try to LST or top young when the growth is softer… you can LST older growth just be careful not to take it too far…

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It’s very likely. I haven’t done SSH but I believe the hazes are pretty similar grow wise.

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They produce beautiful buds. The pistols turn a yellowish orange and look awesome


That’s cool so far I’ve had the green with red hairs but that’s good too. :joy: now I’m really excited this grow is going great so far hope it continues. :seedling:

I started LST when it was young but where I’d topped twice grew it’s own little bush on top I gently squeeze and bend when they’re young also. :grin::sunglasses:

they can turn into bushes quickly with multiple topping sites.

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I’ll tag you into my grow journal and I’ll post pics as I go I’m doing a long veg on sshaze so I can flip with 2 plants that are 2 weeks younger so I can’t wait to see it stretch

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1st time I’d done 1 twice just want to see what she’ll do I’ll tag you into my journal and if you have any suggestions I’d really like to hear them good or bad, I can handle it. :sun_with_face:

sounds awesome and will help any way i can…

I’m colorblind so my perception may be off but this is what she looked like early on

And then later on


Mine stretched about 2” a day. It was pretty awesome to watch. That’s what the marks are on the Mylar on the third pic above.

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Bob have you seen the glasses for colorblindness, they somehow make colors visible? A buddy I use to work with got a pair for his wife like 2 yrs ago. The videos are pretty remarkable…you do k kw those pics are black and white right?


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