First Plants, Excited to learn

Last year I decided I wanted to smoke my own smoke! I think so far the hardest part for me was just getting started, I had no idea where to start and no clue what was actually happening. Around the same time, a buddy of mine had just started growing just a couple months before me, Gave me a boost in motivation to get started after I saw his LEDs. Very sorry the pictures are rotated

I inherited a 400w MH + some CFLs and got to work,

I was giving my plants minimal water (cups, oops), and after about 2 months put them under a 1000w MH, Which got them to grow a bit taller. After around 100 days I switched them to flower and began watering them with gallons of water every few days.

Hobo farm also growing in my tent, breeding an army and organizing my death for when I’m too stoned to sense them

It has been a pretty fun 5 months, Cut my first clones (sorry the picture is sideways) . Still haven’t had lots of luck germinating yet, Currently germinating some seeds I’m hoping to smoke in the fall time. I’m about 50/50 with getting seeds popped, and I’m purchasing from Attitude and Singleseedcentre, They arrived so still seems reputable to me!.

Here we have my flowers at week 3

And here we are in the middle of week 6

I am going to stop feeding them and begin just using water now, Theres lots of things I would love to experiment with that I have not, Co2, Molasses, Silica, etc. But I’ve just barely started to understand this coco I am using is the digestive system for this living embodiment of sexy smells. For now I am just wanting to harvest my first plant, I have told myself “lets not complicate things” For my next batch I hope to learn the best methods of bug prevention, while yielding a great tasting and looking result. I have many questions that seem like a stretch to find answers for, But any feedback or discussion anyone has to offer to me will help me figure out the correct way to do things

I have used Coco Loco, Ocean Mix, as soils, and Fox Farm’s Dirty dozen nutrient pack for feeding. But I am open to any suggestions for any nutrient mixes that are top notch to someone with good experiences using them.

Please give your feedback if you have any!


Welcome to ILGM.
I wouldn’t stop feeding just yet @xaltbread.
Those girls are gonna fatten up a lot in the next 3-4 weeks.


The strains are Gigabud and Cheese, First experience so I don’t know much. I did a little reading on the strains though, I’m just kind of guessing by the look of other plants I’ve seen grown when they were a few weeks before harvest. If I’m right you would flush in about 4 and a harvest in about 6ish more weeks then?


Mine are at the end of 9 weeks flowering and I’m just starting my final flush.

Here’s a pic for reference. This is Gorilla Zkittles.


Right on! those look like the meat and the potatoes, I do not see my colas getting that large and full of love, but I will definitely keep feeding them for a few more weeks and see what happens. Thanks for that input man! I am confused popping by a few sites saying the flowertime for one of my strains is twice as fast as the other, Trying to figure out if that means my trichromes are going to turn amber faster because of the genetics?? or will I be able to flower them both until theyre both finished?? definitely want no premature buds, I will let them do their thing.


Most flowering times are just an estimate for ideal conditions.
Most plants run a bit longer than that. This one was said to be an 8-10 week strain. I happen to be pretty close to the estimated timeline for flowering.
Keep feeding your girls and they will reward you with lots of sticky icky goodness. :wink::drooling_face::grin::v:

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Perhaps you may have seen different times for the same strain but an autoflower being shorter harvest time. Definitely keep feeding them girls they are half the size they’re gonna get. I’m guessing you still have about 4 weeks to go from the pic. Best of luck and welcome to Weedville btw - keep it green and remember to always get high on your own supply!!


I will definitely keep on feeding them, would it be fine to just give them a hard flush just water right before they go dark? Thank you for the warm welcome!

If they are rockin’ dont flush em. Those buds are nowhere near finished. Wait til the trichomes are all cloudy before you think about flushing, plus the hairs that are all white will either change color or will look like they are shriveling up and dying. Those buds are young and wanting some man right now! In nature they would be prime for pollen, then its time for seed to form and ripen. You are not allowing the pollen part but the buds still need the same amount of time to ripen! Looks real nice though! Wait for the hairs to change and sugar to form… then get your magnification and check the trichomes!


Welcome to ILGM, @xaltbread :v:

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