First plant / jack herrer auto. is this normal?

thank you for your thoughts…its my first time and really dont know what is normal.
everyone talks about 10-12 weeks and i’m at 16. it looks good but weird time wise.

@rtc. It will progress…I have learned that the timing is not set in stone at all! Mine are coming to the end and are changing quickly now. Keep vigilant. I am starting to see some amber, so will harvest this week!

Takes time. For us new growers, many factors could lead to a longer grow, not to mention the genetics of autos being on their own timing!

On another note, what do you use to take pics? They are super clear!

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i bought this:

i figured for $40 its worth taking a chance. it is a bit “fiddelly” to get it
in the perfect position because of the fact you have to get the subject REALLY
close to the lens to get tight shots. im sure i’ll find other uses for it as well.
money well spent!

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UPDATE…17th week seeing some cloudy… some clear …some amber
different places differing amounts. i’m going to call it done. i dont know
if its right or wrong but i’m doing it. fingers crossed.

ok…i’ll wait a few hours in case someone screams NO!!! don’t do it!! :slight_smile:

current photo

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Curious…when did you defoliate?

If possible, I would wait or do a partial harvest. With clear trichomes still, you may want to wait till mostly cloudy with some amber.

However, you harvest when the plant is at your liking! :call_me_hand:t3:

Keep growing!

i didn’t defoliate!! it did it!!

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I have three Purple Haze Auto Flowering plants still in the vegetative stage going on 11 weeks. Wondering when they will star flowering ?. Do any of you folks have some ideas ?. I cut back on the nuets and the lighting (12/12) and fertilized with bloom. The plants are doing great size and shape (3’X3’) now.

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pp3121…i dont know what i like!! first time! :smiley:

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Fair enough. Looking to knock yourself out, let more amber trichomes develop. A mix of sedation and functionality, more cloudy.

Most look for about 20% amber.

Keep growing!

You might want to try switching light schedule to 12/12 and see if that triggers them. You may have gotten photo seeds by mistake.

I switched my lighting to 12/12 hrs. about a week ago but they haven’t started to flower yet. I will keep an eye on them. Otherwise they are really healthy. You might be tight about the photo seeds though. I never have grown those type of seeds before. Will you replace or send auto fem seeds in the Purple Haze. Thanks, Gene

PS. I’ll take some photos today for you.

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If they are ILGM seeds contact customer support they’re really good about making sure you’re happy.

update… harvested today 1lb 5.375 oz learned a lot in the process.
i really couldn’t tell how these were put together before, they appeared to be
one giant mass bud but after handling them while trimming you can see how
they are a bunch of separate buds clustered together. i also learned trimming
is not easy or quick! (and sticky) thanks for all the advice! now… on to drying :smile:

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Congrats @rtc! What a feeling knowing you grew your own meds and controlled the process every step of the way! :call_me_hand:t3:

That is an impressive yield! I take it that is wet weight? Curious after drying what the weight would be?


Im sure it will be much less! i will post the weight after drying and removal of all the stems.

currently drying in a home depot wardrobe shipping box 24x24x36 w a small
3" fan sitting on the bottom to move air around


It’s always nice to see them in the drying box! :call_me_hand:t3: