First plant / jack herrer auto. is this normal?

its in week 12, under 400w HPS 26-7" tall.

most all the pistils are brown and curled
except the very top of the tallest colas have some white sticking up.
i haven’t fed it in over a week as i thought it was getting close to “done”
but…all the tricomes are still clear and the leaves are mostly yellow.
any thoughts?

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Can you upload pictures of the trichomes?

sometimes they look cloudy because of the exposure or focus


Definitely coming to the end.

harvest time?

Still at least a few days left. I see a lot of clear and no amber.

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i don’t think i even see cloudy

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will it always go through cloudy to amber? or can it go directly to amber from clear?

Always goes cloudy first as far as I know.

well…we just started week 13. i hope it starts changing soon!

Hey @rtc. Nice pics. Since I’m in my first grow and I am experiencing exactly what you are describing - Blueberry into 9th full week of flowering (13 weeks total from breaking ground). Checked trichomes this morning and still all clear as glass! Have you stopped giving nutes?

i did for a bit…but it seemed as it was still growing even with so few leaves.
so i felt sorry for it and gave it a feeding last week 1/2 teaspoon of “bloom”

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about to enter into week 16 still clear…something isn’t right!

I hear you @rtc. Getting a bit anxious myself with one into week 11 of flowering! Still have no cloudiness in the trichomes, so today I gave some nutes for the first time in several weeks. Felt bad; she looked like she was struggling to get some sustenance and was taking it from all the remaining leaves.

Not sure, but I am going to keep letting her go another week and see what happens.

I was told that mine was foxtailing which shows the end is near.

Hang in there!

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mine is “foxtailing” a bit but i don’t see that as a bad thing (what do i know) just more flowers

one other thing…today i saw a few that looked cloudy. just a few

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entering week 16 a bit more cloudy i think. but still not anywhere near what
was expected from the profile description. maybe the wrong seeds?

@rtc any new pics of trichs?

I’ll try today!

The yellow leaves are most likely caused by not feeding her and shes using the nutes up that are stored in the leaves. Nothing to be worried about.
Foxtailing new growth on top cola can be caused by the lights or it’s just genetics. As lo g as your lights arent to close or to hot it’s more than likely genetics. Nothing you can about that.

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