First plant flowered 19 days ago - Should I trim or transplant?

Hi. My Auto Fem Emperor Jack Herer started flowering 1 Oct. It appeared to grow for a few days but not in the past 16 days. She is in a 5 Gallon Pail. Should I transplant her? Or should I go ahead and trim her. I’ve read that I can remove the fan leaves now as the plant will now focus on bud growth rather than leaf growth. Looking for advice please. Pictures below (the Bangi Haze Fem plant beside it is still in veg stage and was the same size 3 weeks ago but is continuing to outgrow the flowering Emporer J). Thank you

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The removal of fans are not a good ideal. Ive heard same thing but its a timing issue. Unless you know the timing is perfect you will hurt your yield. Your fan leaves store all the good things your plants need they store the energy they get from photosynthesis. You really need them


I think I’ll just leave it be. This is the only one of her strain that survived out of my first 8 (the Bangi Haze in the picture on the left was the other that also survived, but I have a half dozen of them so I don’t mind experimenting on the BH). As for the Emperor J, maybe I’ll just let it flower naturally without trying too much in the way of additional LST techniques (I did FIM it a long time ago). I am concerned that she may need a transplant from the 5 gallon to a larger container. Is transplanting during flowering common? This plant seems to take forever to dry out and drain, and I don’t think she will grow at all in her current home. I’m ok with her size, and not concerned over yield, just want to see this plant through to the finish line

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No i wouldnt transplant in flower if you do transplant give it a week of recovery time before you put it in flower

Ok, its been in flower for 19 days now, and its an auto flower, so there’s no going back… she will stay in her final home, a 5 gallon pail, and the yield will be whatever it will be… I’m sure I’ll get a moderate yield so I can smoke/test it to see if I want to go with that strain in the future… (not the auto variety though, too inflexible)…. thanks Sirsmokes

Your plant is in a mansion in them 5s I’m in 3s s with no issue much older aswell

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What kind of lighting are you using

Do nothing to an auto in flower, especially transplanting it.

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best to leave the auto where it is as it is. auto’s are very sensitive

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Honestly i think she is a nice looking auto! Some strains will stretch less then other just before they flower, some autos will veg longer… etc but in all honesty I think its good looking!


for lighting… just separated my plants into 2 rooms - larger plants under HID HPS 1000 Watt, and an 1800W LED on in same room. In room 2, younger smaller plants, using my 920W LED (has a 320 W white light in addition to the colored lights) , and an array of 3 T5’s (6 light tubes). Back to room 1 - I’m about to switch the larger plants to Flowering starting tomorrow. As an afterthought, I’m wondering if the reason my Emporer J Auto isn’t growing significantly, is that I’ve not actually switched it to 12/12 yet? Guess I’ll see the results after a week or so of 12/12… For my next grow, I’m starting all plants at the same time… staggering them was to help prevent killing them with mistakes, and that helped for a newb, but keeping track of 4 different stages of plants is very challenging…

Hi @Blackthumbbetty, I think I might know why my Auto is not growing significantly… I haven’t actually switched it to 12/12 yet… Will be doing that tomorrow, now that I have two separate grow rooms where I’ve put my large plants and the Auto J into, to induce Flowering, I’m thinking I should see some growth from the Auto in the near future. I’ve read a lot wrt Auto’s and their capacity for full time lighting… I kept mine on 18/6 throughout, but didn’t think to actually switch it over to 12/12… can’t find any literature on the necessity to do 12/12 but regardless, she will be on 12/12 now… thanks for all your help

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Auto’s flower don’t flower by number of hours of sunlight but on a pre determined number of days for that species

Let me tell you my autos never seem to grow good until the go into flower and stretch. My last 2 were 6 to 8 inches when they started to preflower. after 3 weeks of flower they were 4 ft.

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yes, thanks @dbld55, I do understand that Auto’s start flowering on a predetermined schedule and no amount of lighting changes that. The issue I’m having is not that it won’t flower, it went into flowering many weeks ago… it just isn’t growing significantly… first I wondered if I should transplant it, but was well advised against that… I believe my problem is that I’ve not actually given the Auto 12/12 yet, it still sits in the room with other younger plants getting 18/6 lighting… I’ve rectified that, have two grow rooms now, one for Veg, one for Flowering… I think I may see some growth then. What I cannot seem to find, is any literature on whether an Auto ‘must’ be switched over to 12/12 at flowering time… no matter, the rooms are in place, 12/12 commences tomorrow. Thanks

The good thing is that 12/12 isn’t going to harm them

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hi @fano_man, thanks. I think I will put the next batch of autos, UK Cheese, in 10 Gallon bag/containers though maybe a week or two before flowering. I’m happy with the progress of the Auto Emperor J, but I’m pretty sure its roots are massive… the 5 gallon pail is always heavy and really slow to dry out, takes at least a week, so I’m getting the sense that its just not aerating, so I’ll go to 10 gallons next time, maybe overkill but that’s the plan

Flipping to 12/12 won’t hurt them. I like to do that about halfway through the flowering cycle, myself.

Have you switched to full bloom nutes, yet? If not, go ahead & start with your next feed.

Don’t go to 10 gallons. 5 gallons is plenty big for autos. Your pail probably isn’t draining properly. Have you looked at fabric pots? They make it virtually impossible to overwater.

Hmmm…do you let your plants dry out completely before watering/feeding?

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My 10 gallon fabric pots arrived today. I’ll take your advice and order some 5 gal fabric pots and try them out. That being said… I have the 10 gal pots now, so I’ll experiment with 1 of them… have a really large Bangi Haze that would be a great candidate for it. As for watering, I use the lift method, lift it, if it feels light, I water it. Its rare that my plants droop from dehydration so I think there’s still a reasonable amount of moisture in them.