FIRST PLANT EVER! Wondering about feedback


Great looking plant for your first time for sure. :+1::ok_hand:


Nice job with your grow!


@skgrower ooooh @$!# that is so crazy man! Im happy that you caught that when you did!


@Jmesser80 thanks I appreciate it! The genetics helped.


@Myfriendis410 thank you!


Looks like a solid job to me brother


Thanks! I appriciate that @Countryboyjvd1971


Hey there @JaysGrowRoom! I just saw this post and wanted to bring in an auto-flower expert. @garrigan65 could you please address the pros & cons of mainlining an auto?

I would never try it as you have such a limited veg time by genetic design. Just my 2 cents.



You did a lot better than my first grow!! Keep going in the direction you are going. Whatever you are doing. Good job! Your plants hermi out due to some type of stress. Could be moving them around too much, too close to the lights, not enough fresh air. Find out what is stressing them out, remove it, put on some classical music and give them lots of love.