FIRST PLANT EVER! Wondering about feedback


Ooo dang i appreciate that chart!
So have you ever tried to mainline an auto-flower? @Covertgrower


I have no experience with autoflowers yet. They’re very unique, and I do want to try one, just haven’t pulled the trigger. Autoflowers do respond well to low stress training, but mainlining I wouldn’t recommend. The lifespan is just too short. I’ll try and find the post where everyone tried experimenting with autoflowers, and give you a post to read through for some time about it. @JaysGrowRoom


Oh that would be cool, so i don’t have to do all that work… or i just might join them with this set up. @Covertgrower


I know it talks about cloning, but at the beginning there are other links to other experiments on what to do with autoflowers. The end result was don’t cut them! Hope this helps.

Team 101 { Experiment } Auto Grow, Clone Or Not To Clone Auto's


Thanks @Covertgrower


All out of likes. But you’re welcome any time fellow grower! @JaysGrowRoom


What week was that from flip?


Its was at 8 weeks in flower, only in veg for 1 month @Fever


That’s a good yield for a first time. The SK plant is a beauty. I only wish mine had been that good. I deleted all my pics, but my SK had colas that big. I didn’t have but half of what you had for colas. I think you did an excellent job. Strawberry Kush is some badass smoke.


Hell yeah that plant smokes is so different from what we have in our region. I appreciate the feedback! Thank you i wish i had more room to let them breath though. i wish i could have saw yours!


I’ll post you a pic of their clones later. A lot of people I’ve given SK to absolutely love it. Unfortunately I have to retire it on the next grow to concentrate on the Widows (Chronic and White).


yeah people cant get enough of it. That is also real weird cause after that plant was harvested, i started the white widow! :open_mouth:


and i would love to see them clones @skgrower


that is awesome in my book @JaysGrowRoom


@JaysGrowRoom I’m glad I saw your post. It might just have saved 8 plants.

That gap you see in the picture is a cola I had to cut off. Somehow part of the female got stressed

I’m was moving it to get a good picture and found the hermed part. Im going to isolate it from the others.


Thanks man! @BIGE


@skgrower what helped?


very nice for sure


That’s dope that it came from someone who sees post like this everyday. I appriciate that! @Donaldj


Because you wanted to see a picture of my Strawberry Kush, I found a part with seeds and if I would not have seen it the cola would have pollinated all the other plants I’m growing. So you helped save my crop.