FIRST PLANT EVER! Wondering about feedback


First time growing anything i did tons of research on my last deployment and I chose to start a Strawberry Kush from ILGM with 315W CMH lighting in a 2x2x6 tent (Dont have room for bigger). The grow medium is DWC 5 GAL. Total harvest was just over 1/2 lb. Was this a good harvest?


@JaysGrowRoom 1/2 lb off 1 plant for first time!!! Pretty good! I think thats in line with the yield ILGM has listed! Your next grow will be even better! If there’s one thing you should invest in its lights! But congrats on the harvest!


Those are great numbers. That light really helped with that number. Most don’t hsve enough coverage or enough light intensity. You did a great job! Anyone would love those numbers.


Off a 315w cfl, thats great! I couldnt believe it!




Thanks! Yeah it started to get real crammed towards the end. I wish i could get a bigger tent so i can have a bigger light like the dual CMH cause it really gets hot in there.


If you have a fan blowing in or out of the tent that would help keep temperatures down @JaysGrowRoom


Excellent grow man!!! Imagine if you had space!?!?!?!?!??! Youd be churning out over a pound!


Gnarly way to go man!!:+1:t3:


Thanks i appreciate that! I have fans on top and the bottom trying to constantly move the air in it! I only could have our house a/c running low as a bitch haha @Covertgrower


@JaysGrowRoom are u using box fans, desk fans, or exhaust/intake fans?


i think about getting bigger space all the time! hopefully per a lb. per tent @VelcroThumb


@JaysGrowRoom i have (2) 4x4x7 tents… they will do a pound easy each!


im using one clip fan, ah Vicks humidifier, and an exhaust fan with ducting
and if i could fit a tent like that i would be in heaven!


Thanks! I Appreciate it!


@JaysGrowRoom for your next grow, when in flowering you’ll want the humidity as dry as possible for best resin/trichome production. Vegging doesn’t matter too much but should be kept around 50%. You should see an improvement.


@Covertgrower how do you make it less humid?


This depends on tbe area you live in and how currently dry it is. I use a dehumidifier, which works best. @JaysGrowRoom to add to this I recall you using A/C that really helps keep it low also.


Try to keep the RH under 55 right? or lower?


@JaysGrowRoom what I usually do, is try to keep the humidity as low as I can throughout the entire flowering process. I have problems with humidity in my area already so a jump start helps me.