First plant ever looks very leggy?

At about 5 weeks. Loos very healthy but very leggy. Thoughts?

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How many times have you had to raise your lights?

I had to take it out of the cabinet and pour it in. She’s about two feet tall.

Got a pic?


Had to take the light out of the cabinet and point it in

OK, let’s go at this a different way.

How close did you keep the light to the plant?

Probably a foot above. Raised it three times when the top leaves got unhappy.

I have never had a plant stretch like that. But then again I top / fim and LST everything.
The stretch (distance between nodes) is usually due to light height (too far) or either poor quality or is inadequate.
What are the dimensions of your cabinet?
What light are you using?
Have you used the setup before? Results if yes.

Your lighting is not adequate.

What is it?

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