First Pistils, Summer '18 Outdoors

Yesterday, 7/16/18, I spotted the first outdoor pistils of the season. My dark period yesterday was 8 hours and 45 minutes.

This is a strain I’ve been selecting and growing here at the 46th North parallel for 10 or 12 years. I knew it flowered early but I’ve never paid a lot of attention other then breeding back the early bloomers.

Here’s the pic:


My auto sprouted early pistils on me yesterday. Horrified me because shes super mini but :man_shrugging:t5: Congrats she’s a girl!


Your plant looks so healthy!

I planted 7 outdoors in 15 gallon pots (white widow and gold leaf). They’re already 7 feet tall and really bushy. I’m afraid they can be seen by my only neighbor because they’re so tall, so I cut about 6 inches off the top of them. There were a couple of white hairs. I hope I didn’t send them back into veg. Do you think they’ll be okay? This is my 5th year growing outside and the plants never got this big before. I think it’s because of the large pot size. Maybe I should have tried to tie them down instead. I’m so worried now that I’ve done some damage!

Any thoughts would be great,


They will be fine! Check out the horrors I inflicted on my indoor GL the same day I flipped her to 12/12:

She started like this:

And a couple hours later looked like this:

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Now she looks like this:

The only concern I would have outside is if the places you topped didn’t have any pith in them and you left any holes that bugs could get into.

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If you had to top for stealth, then it was necessary regardless. You may have to top some more. I had some last year I topped from 9’ back to 6’ and they still ended up 9’. Tall plants are a pain in the ass anyway. Very susceptible to wind damage.