First Photoperiod Grow ( Blue Dream ) Tips/Advice/Yeild Guess?

Hope everyone had a Great Christmas!
I currently have these blue dreams from ILGM that happens to be my first photoperiod run. They have been going for a long time now I would say just about 5 months. So far on the negative side of things I noticed:

  • Very High electric bill ( up by @ least 200$ per month ) which really having me on the fence of continuing this hobby.
  • Flower time seems a bit on the slower side, I would say im in day 45
  • I did notice on 1 of the girls pistils turned more than 50% orange day 25 in flower

On the Positive note :

  • ALL 20 seeds i purchased looked great and so far all germinated direct in soil with only watering by a misty spray bottle
  • All plants ever raised by ILGM recovered from any kind of trauma beautifully, I have made many mistakes such as dropping things, dog attacks, nutrient problems, pest ect. All were 100% curable in no time and turned out to be beautiful.
  • Plants Smell and look Beautiful!

Some Questions I had for the Community:

  • How much longer do the plants you see look like they can take ?
  • Estimates on yield ?
  • Anything I can do to save money on my electric bill ( next grow I do need to decrease wattage so looking for recommendations on best light setup for biggest yeild ( on about 7 photoperiod plants ) in 1 area, such as the one in the pictures.
  • What I can improve on?

Thanks guys!
Here are my specs :
-1000w dual switch floragrow led / 400w MarsHydroLEd/ 150w canngro light ( lower branches )

  • hepa carbon filter ( winix plasma wave ) w/ fan
  • Menards stand up area heater

Temp/humid ( 73-78f, 30%-50% )
ph ( have had mixed experiences using testers so until I find a reliable and user friendly one , I have decided to use ( sensi Bloom ) as directed which promises to balance soil ph if used as directed. So to be honest haven’t tested exacts
Throughout vegg ( General Hydroponics! as directed
In flowering ( SenisiBloom pA/pB, Flower Fuel as directed ) Every other water Water in total 4 times a week, 1.5gallons each time. Nutrient mix 3 times out of the 4 total.
Soil: Oceans Forest / 5 gallon buckets, coco worm brick bedding.

I look forward to your inputs !!!


flora/bloom/micro )

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I grow Blue Dream and I’ve never had it go 5 months. I have three loaded right now in the 4th week of flowering. So between sees to now around 9 weeks.

Two…power bill. I’m running two HLG 260xl rspec kits and my power pill is not even $50 a month growing on a 12/12 schedule the whole time. One grew past 6’.

So you may want to eat the costs and get the HLG lights.

They look good so far.

Thank you for your input, I knew something was off with the electric bill being that high. I will look into the lighting, that cost sounds way more reasonable.

Can you please only post one thread per topic please. I’ve seen 3 now that are all the same grow. Keep all the posts in one journal that you want to keep the most. Thanks

My bad bro one of the posts has a way better picture where you can actually see the bud sites and it wasnt letting me edit and upload for some reason. Couple refreshes and next thing you know i must of posted elsewhere

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All good man. Just got confusing lol. Happy growing :v::bear:

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