🤔 First Photo period outdoor plant

So this is my photo plant, a beautiful LSD Fem. First ever attempt, all others were/are Autos. Those, I’ve got figured out pretty good, photos are a different story. Is the following picture the plant’s way of flashing her parts at me and screaming “I am female, hear roar” or is it telling me she is about to enter pre-flower stage?

She is an overall healthy plant 60 day from seed, 55 days from sprout.

She’s showing sexual maturity and is ready to flower but won’t do so until she gets 12 hrs darkness

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N00B, that you?


Phew…thanks!! I am 5’3, she is currently waist high to me. I believe she is going to be a monster!

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It is I!


Lol, name threw me off.

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Yea, it’s gonna throw a lot of people for a loop :joy:


@NavyVet420 How is this one looking now? You find out if she’s flowering or still in veg?

She’s an extremely beautiful specimen. I’d love to be able to grow some LSD.

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She is still showing pistils but it looks like she is gonna hold out til Sept. She is at by belly button now (I’m 5’3) and I supercropped a couple spots this AM. I am thinking that my home brew soil is great for the autos but not so much for the LSD. I have noticed some of her leaves are half yellow, half green. Not sure if its from deficiency or lack of water. Might start feeding her FFT at 1/2 dose to see how she responds.

My LSD Fem already started flower and tric production. Too early isn’t it? Daylight starts to drop June 22, Sept 26 I get 12:00:05 hours daylight. Unless I count from when we start 12:59 and less, which would then be Aug 28.

My girl is doing amazing, now about 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide. She is still maintaining what I guess is preflower stage and still growing. Since it has entered this stage, no more super cropping but I might have to stake her out and spread her out.

I have noticed yellowing leaves at the bottom, woking way up and other signs of nute deficiency and it makes sense, my soil was mixed to support my WWA (working out perfectly).

I will be using Fox Farm Trio line but only using Tiger Bloom and Big Bloom at the 12 week schedule per manufacture recommendations.

Picture tomorrow.

Damn, forgot to add picture 🤦

Can I still top her in preflower? I plan to start pulling her apart to allow more airflow to prevent bud rot as we enter into our hottest and most humid time of the year.

I have also started her on a Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom feed regiment at the 12 week schedule.

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Having a problem identifying issue-

Plant is LSD Fem, 12/13 weeks of age (depends on how you count, planted 3/11)

Just started using FFT Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom, spots are since i statted using on Friday.

It has spread all over-

Overall view of plant-

Pictures and google say it is anything from leaf septoria to potassium deficiency, none of the symptoms match mine.

@Midwestnewbie @raustin @garrigan62 and anyone that grows outdoors.

I hope that those spots are not from Leaf Miners…nutrient deficiencies are relatively easy to fix after you figure out what is going on. Insect issues are much more difficult to deal with.

Good luck and good growing…

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I reviewed Leaf Miner damage and yours does not look like it, so something else but I still think it is an insect of some sort.

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@NavyVet420 I just started using fox farms nutes. I’d say it looks like rust spots and the beginning of cal/mag def. I just put a ww into a tent with my qbs and within 2 days this happened to me as well. @WickedAle @elheffe702 suggestions?

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I’m not sure. My vision is messing with me today, but have you had a lot of rain/humidity? Could be a fungus of some sort.


@elheffe702 yup, it’s been miserable. I’m planning on opening her up (pulling her apart) and trimming smaller sites off to promote growth to bigger buds sites and to hopefully prevent bud rot. I have noticed quite a bit of PWM on my girls in bags. Every day I’m spraying leaves with H202 and water.
If the PWM continues, I am gonna try milk and water spray. Think I might spray the big girl with milk mix and see if it has any effect in the spots. I really don’t feel it is an deficiency or toxicity issue. When I water, it is well water with PH of 6.4. Unfortunately, I can’t pull a run off sample to know for certain.

@Watt-Sun @tanlover442 what is your opinion regarding my spots? I read the cal/mag recipe and wonder if this is what my girl needs.

I really want to avoid chasing the issue since I can’t do run off tests.

Looking like leaf septoria