First photo grow under 350r

I’m bored, and just kind of sharing here. This is my first grow of a photo plant under a new hlg 350r light. Did an auto I got 7 dry ounces from, and most of the flowering was done with 12/12. This is an OG kush photo. 60 days flowering today. Trichomes are all cloudy with a few amber, and lots of amber on the leaves. So many white pistils though. Kind of strange. I’m planning on going 10 more days. Love this light.


Beautiful :heart: and HLG really does make amazing products.


Still getting used to my 350r as well brother. Love it! But if you hit them hard untill the end they just do not stop pumping out white pistils. So im not sure if the high ppfd causing it or not? Always was a hps guy myself. Nice ladies by the way. Heres mine


Whoa, nice. I turned mine down to 280w a week ago, and I’m thinking I may drop one more notch until the end. Still learning too. Some slight foxtailing.


They say switching to 12&12 for the last 4 weeks will stop or prevent foxtailing

I got a little foxtailing going on too, but i think mine was caused from the heat, had a scorcher of a week recently. Still at 320 watt.

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It’s a photo, so been on 12/12 since the flip.

Ok cool you’ll have to either raise your light or lower the power to prevent further foxtailing … just my opinion :person_shrugging:


@Poseidon1 whats that watering system you are using?

My 550r will keep the plants pumping out white. I have to turn her down to 60%or so at the end. About to go there now on a runtz.