First photo grow-ILGM sativa mix pack

I bought the Sativa Pack also,curious to see how it turns out for you.
Best of luck!! :+1:

SL out.

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@HollyHo, here we go, ladies looking good!! :sunglasses:

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Man! How big is your space? Looks good in there!

@HollyHo I have 4 tents, 3 set up right now, and I’m shipping one if em to a member on here today, that’s my AC infinity 3x3x70 tent, I have that one, the 2x2x4 AC infinity tent, a VIVOSUN 3x3x60 and a 2x2x4 no name tent kit I bought in the very beginning, so the no name is the one I’m giving to the older woman on here who needs one, she lives in Illinois so I told her If she could pay to ship it she could have it, so I’m waiting for the shipping money to be sent soni can drop it at the post office it’s already boxed up but yeah after that I’ll have 3 and I set them all up in my spare bedroom in my 2 bedroom apartment!

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@Kinglouida13th what I would give to have that space! I had to move my sour space candy cbd out to a make shift space in the shed lol she was taking over my 2x4x5. I’ll share a before and after. She’s in a 2x3.5 by herself now. (Still hoping it’s a female)

Before (the 3rd bigger one)

3rd day by itself flipped to 12/12

Trying to catch up on updates…
April 2nd, first top on all three… (probably a little late but it was my first time)

April 11- transplanted into 5G pots

April 13
Took clones then about 12 hrs later
Second top on all 3


Strawberry cough


Clones from about 12 hours ago

Update. The moms were getting too big so I went ahead and flipped them.2 days ago. I could not get the chocolope to clone. The strawberry cough is beautiful though! She’s growing like crazy!

From left to right…

Chocolope, strawberry cough, slh

Here are the clones… the two little ones are chocolope but I don’t think they’re going to make it. It’s been almost 2 weeks for them and still no roots. :woman_shrugging:

All of these pics were taken a few days ago. Since then, the ones in the scrog have stood back up. They’ve been fed their first round of bloom nutes. I’ve topped the clones that are in 1g pots. The strawberry cough is the best IMO. She’s so easy. I couldn’t get the seeds to pop in the beginning but man! When I finally got one going, she hasn’t stopped for anything! Easy to clone is a huge plus! I definitely recommend that one!