First photo grow, blue dream and LSD

OK here we go,On March 11 I put seeds in water with peroxide.on the 16th I put them in jiffy Pellets. On the 19th roots started showing up.I planted in 1 gallon pots with happy frog soil.Since then I’ve been feeling with 6.5 pH water only. I fimd them A few days ago here they are

The one on the left is the blue dream. I will fill in my intentions for feed and sutch Tomorrow


Set to watch. :+1:

Looks good, blue dream is my top 3 favorite

@Happilyretired and so am I. It looks like you off to a good start. You mentioned water with peroxide to germ. seeds. I have not used peroxide when germinating my seeds and have had about 66% success rate. I would like to improve on this. How much peroxide do you use? I have read 15% solution of 3% peroxide to water.

Looking gravy, I’ll be joining on your journal too. If that’s A OK :+1:t4:

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Good looking plants

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Never having started with seeds till my last grow I didn’t know all The little things people do for success. I had 7 of my first 12 seeds germinate.I tried three more seeds all failed Not good, so I did a lot of searching here and on other sites. The people boasting the greatest success were using peroxide when they soak their seeds
From what I understand the peroxide increases the oxygen in the water I’ve also heard that it softens the shell faster. Idk The science behind it but what I wound up doing is a half a cup of water I put 10 to 12 drops of 3% peroxide which is about a milliliter, Then I add about five drops after 24 hours. I also take the jar and put it on top of my cable box for a little heat I think this is just as important if not more important then the peroxide. I have since started 8 seeds…100% success on all seeds some popped in 12 hours some popped in 24 hours and one popped in 36 hours… This is my experience so far.


This is exactly my germination technique, including the cable box.

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OK… For now I’m just going to do pH water at 6.5. I am going to add 1 teaspoon of Epson salt Per gallon once a week When I hit bloom unless somebody tells me I should start sooner. I think I might repot these twice, once in about a week into 3 gallon pots Then once more into fives a few days before I flip I’m not sure if I should use happy frog or ocean forest ? I am planning on taking a few clones off of these plants so they are going to have a long vedge time . The nutrients I’m going to use when I get into bloom not in any particular order or Volume…Maxsea Bloom formula will be my base nutrient on every feeding I will be adding Mendocino honey ,crystal burst and armor SI .I will add Fox Farms cha ching In the last few weeks Or so of flour.I have Cal mag and will apply if needed!

From what I’ve read a lot of people do similar I might even have read your thread or a comment you made on somebody else’s an added it to my bowl of knowledge. I didn’t see too many people putting up measurements I think I saw someone put up a comment stating they put a teaspoon of peroxide per cup of water. I decided to sneak up on it with drops of peroxide instead of going all in. I saw several people say cable box or Internet router.My router stands up vertical so I use my cable box.100% success so far :grin:

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Gonna watch this… crazy coincidence because i literally just started my first grow 9 days ago… blue dream and LSD lol.

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@Happilyretired I’m sold on peroxide. I believe @Myfriendis410 is a strong proponent of its use. You are right about softening the seed shell ( I think the term is scarify…?) Anyway it is the same reason it is used as a wash for coronavirus. Thanks for following up. It is time to drop some more seeds. :sunglasses:


@ChumpZilla88. Welcome, are you going to start a grow journal? Are you going to grow in soil?

I have an app im using as a grow journal. We can exchange emails if you would like to follow. I am doing a 4 site RDWC system.

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I don’t know what a RDWC System is but it’s cool could you tell me what RDWC means…I don’t think they allow you to exchange that kind of information and I haven’t figure out how to do a private conversation on here yet.

@Happilyretired You can’t do private messages here.

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Recirculating deep water culture… basically the roots are submerged in water their whole life. You treat the water with nutrients. All the buckets are connected by 3" pvc all the way back to the reservoir. The water is then pumped out from the reservoir in 3/4" tubing an dumped back into the grow buckets. Thus recirculating the water an keeping it oxygenated with a stable/consistent nutrient solution. I also have a redundant air stone system so oxygen levels aren’t much of a concern now. This my first time so I’m no expert but thats a simple explanation.

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You’ve done good on tote sizes and assuming rez is large enough. What nutrient line are you running? Hydroguard? Chiller? How far below your net basket is the tote rez?

@Happilyretired PM has been disabled due to abuses in the past (drug deals etc) so the parent company felt their liability was at issue.


13gal grow sites.
13gal res.
5 total 13gal buckets
8" baskets only bottom 2" of basket and pebbles are in the water.
Canna Nutes.
Water stays between 67°-70° so I haven’t needed a chiller. It’ll be a future upgrade.

Sorry for hijacking OP.


Hi Jack away I’m going with LED lights in soil it will be interesting to compare notes!