First outdoor Skywalker OG

My first time outdoor grow. Skywaler OG.
She still outside here in Oregon and its dropping down to 40 at night. She still doing ok.
Question do you think these buds got a week to go?
Tricomes are 85% milky but no golden yet.
Amni safe to keep her out for another week?

She was an accident. She was a top off a indoor plant that got snapped off about week 2 of 12/12. I harvested and dried her donor already . But her light cycle followed outdoor and now worried about her doing ok… no frost yet here. So any advise be great

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I don’t see any amber try combs yet. Keep an eye on those once you get about 25% Amber then it’s ready, keep an eye on the temperature if it gets too cold at night bring her in and from Oregon so I know what you’re dealing with

Thanks, i was just worried about cold effecting tricomes development

I believe cold effects the plants whole metabolism moreso then the trichs. But as long as it isnt prolonged sub 45… u should be fine. Any updates?


Actually maybe as close as it looks the cold will make it more potent what we try to imitate during flush using ice or ice water.

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Seems to be ok. Pics this morning


Thanks @DankGunslinger.

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Thanks @PurpNGold74

Color looks good. I keep looking st Skywalker let me know how this is?

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Here is today. Im afraid we got a week of pretty good rain ahead. I am at 100 milky tricomes but no amber?

I gonna worry about mold and bud rot? Should i call it good. Throw her in the dark for 2 days and harvest?

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Still a tad early. Its completely ur call. Id be horrified of BR myself… not sure…

I am in the Willamette Valley and temperature, humidity and rain would push me to harvest if I were growing outside.

If it were not raining with really high humidity for the next week, I would push them a bit longer.

Yeah I’m in Willamette valley as well. @merlin44
I think i may pull her in tonight put her in dark for 2 days and chop her down?
Would you push till tomorrow or better safe than sorry

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If you have not had too much in the way of mold or anything, I would push them a day or so longer if I could. My decision would be mainly driven by humidity levels.

Here is my journal, come by for a visit:

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Thank u @merlin44. Ill look over your journal.
I been shaking out her in the am and pm just to get excess water out of buds. Ilk keep steching days till i get parinoid

Lovely fall color tho

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You could just bring inside and put some intense light on it. Need complete darkness at night to prevent reveg and hermie issues.

Your sky looks just like ours in CVS, a bit dreary between showers.
I see the yellow “O”, we sport orange up here.

Go Beavs!
Go Ducks!

I dont have any extra indoor lights to use. They in my grow cabinet for next batch just switched to 12/12 so no luck there. In actually up north in Hillsboro west of pdx. So i may have lil better weather? But just rain expected next 6 days at least.
Yes Duck fans. Go Ducks. But do root for Beavs except once a year. Lol

I keep good eye on her. Shake her dry 2x day i should only have a few days to go i think im 12 if not 13 weeks in. My 2 grape god was done weeks ago but they were out side starting june. This poir girl was rescued and set outside in july so she didnt have alot of time to grow full cycle. She lasted longer than i thought. I didnt expect her to live. After being broke off wasnt sure she root.

She still going survived cold spell. I may pull her in and put her in the dark this weekend. Maybe cut her down monday. She so close

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Question, i got her cut and drying. i am at day 7 of drying. seems to be close, but limbs not quite snapping more like a hard bend, but i feel that its ready to jar and cure. i put some in a jar last night just to see what the humidity would be in the jar in the morning. Figured it give me a good idea if it was close.
humidity in the jar was 61% RH. no sweating at all. Would you guys/gals say it safe to jar it all and start curing… Im trying to perfect this stage…as we all are… but my last batch i think i went a day or 2 too long and got real crispy on the outside but inside was ok. i did use Boveda to bring that batch back to 60%.
This batch is sticky to touch and is pretty solid. i just dont want to have a bunch of jars mold on me in a week or 2… thoughts??

Ull have time to catch them before it gets to a molding point if ur burping properly. I like to jar around day 5-7 for that same reason. My environment dries too much by day 8 and beyond.

When burping dump a batch n test how damp they feel. If its back soft, let it sit in a paper bag a few hours before rejarring. If not, back in the jar. But i always pull my buds out that first week when burping. Pull em out. Let sit 10-15 mins, then flip. Twice a day for a week