First Outdoor grow! Starting on 4/20

I received no recommendations from anyone which sucks…

So I stoked for two days, they both sunk and put in paper towel again. Still nothing … so now I started another seed .

This will make three seed attempts to even get a tail.

The sad thing is that these where replacement seeds for the last two not sprouting. I emailed ilgm and they replaced but I have had 0% luck on the replacement seeds.

I wonder if the quality of seeds go down when you get replacements?


I prematurely posted before checking the seeds. I looks like one of the two that I placed to germinate on 4/20 is cracked and I see a tail, just not broke through the crack.

I placed one seed in a paper towel this morning and put it on my cable box and it’s already cracked with the white of a tail showing!

I still think I have one dud though!

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Hey donut how the hell are ya… that sinking crap means nothing…mine always float for atleast a day usually… I use a shot glass of tap water with about 3 or 4 drops of h202( I think that’s peroxide) lol
Next time tag is… Like u just did last post


I drop mine in seed starting soil… just my style… good luck :four_leaf_clover:


Seed had a tail and was placed in soil this morning . I’m hoping I can get enough growth to put this thing outside in about three weeks!

Can anyone comment on how long you should grow indoor seedling until you Can place outside ?


I would raise that light to about 18”.
You can grow a plant inside for as long as you want, it’s about timing outside lighting for when the days are getting longer.


I would get 2 sets of real leaves and move outdoors.


I’m in Oregon and our longest days started already so really I’m just waiting for seedling and also a few weeks to guarantee the weather stays semi dry

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Ok so by plant has been outside for about two weeks now and I have topped it .

Look at the plant and tel me if anything looks wrong

Where I topped it the new leaves are growing in almost like immediate mute burn.

I have done a home made soil from this forum could it be already burning my plant even though I layered it at the bottom 3rd of pot ?

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That was supposed to say nute burn not mute . Stupid fat fingers

I think the sun is probably just drying out the cut tips?

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It sorta looks like it might have been a fim instead of a topping. Is that a possibility? The whole plant looks really good. I don’t see any tip burn on the other new leafage so I don’t think it’s nute burn. What’s in the top 2/3 of your soil mix? Also to preve6 future problems I thought I may add that Dolomite lime has calcium and mag If you instead use Epsom (mag) and cal mag your mag levels may get to high that can lead to problems like locking out P. Dolomite lime is also used to raise the ph of acidic soil. Just wanted you to be aware.


I couldn’t find dolomite and didn’t add anything to sub.

And yes I fimmed . I don’t know why I wrote topped and the top 2/3 is a combo of ffof and light warrior.


Looks normal to me.

There are some discoloring dots on the leaves too

Some of the tiny spots could be from bugs like spider mites. Take a good look under your leaves with a scope. The spot I circled looks like possibly a water drop magnified by the sun or nute splash.

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What should I use to spray my plants if it is spider mites or another bug ?

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Blue donut I grow out side…I wouldn’t recommend no kind of bark growing outside with ocean forest in the bottom.other half plants are 4 to 5 ft tall in 5 weeks…just becareful.using anything like mulch,bark dirt…stay with ocean and happy frog.later if you bigger pot add a hotter soil.
You can go look at my outdoor plants…I’m in tenn got good weather…I wouldn’t dare use any bark mulch dirt.your inviting trouble if you do.
Good luck

I’m with @AAA and @blackthumbbetty… looks good to me… let them grow out a bit more… for mulch I’ve been using cattail mulch… it’s hard to source… I get it bye the river… update the plant… I’ve been super busy… but checking in time to time…


I use both of these for my outside gardens. Either will get rid of spider mites. Companion plants nearby also help repel the bad bugs

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