First outdoor grow. She's gonna be too tall for my fence!

I’ve been growing nicely from clones in a tent for awhile, but decided to try seeds for my first outdoor-only grow. So I made a nice bed in one of my compost bins against a 6 ft fence. She’s probably going to start flowering soon, but she’s already a 5 footer! I already topped her in several places about 4 weeks ago. I was thinking about topping her again, but worried that will slow things down when I need to be getting ready for flowering. I’ve also thought about bending her over, but she’s thick and woody.

Now what?

I wouldn’t top again. It looks like she’s stretching in flower. I would let it ride.

That’s what I’m worried about. She hasn’t gone into stretch yet!

Where are you located? It looks to me like they’ve started to stretch. I’m in Michigan and my girls have already stretched out.


You already have a frame…grab a net and scrog up high enough so you can start bending branches. You can still bend the tops but try not to stress her to much. Bend in morning before sun or after sun goes down.

I just bent some of mine over and their really thick and woody. I just tie the ones down that won’t stay on their own.

Hey Grundo. Based on your pics, I have to bow before your amazing garden. I’m used to the artificial switch to 12/12 to achieve stretch, when I see pistils. But I’m guessing I never realized that the stretch happens first, as yours look like mine. I did put the frame there with the idea of holding up during budding, but I think I’m going to take your advice and scrog em. I’m in N.California. We’ve been having over 100 degree temps (106 twice last week), but she’s handling it just fine. THANKS!

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Thanks for your kind words. That would be the easiest to do. I’m still trying to figure out if I need to scrog more or not. The stalks are pretty thick and run straight up so I think they would be able to support themselves. As is the same in your case. However I have 2 layers of scrog for support already.

Hey Buddy those are Beautiful plants! You should be proud, I’m from South Carolina

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Thanks @Nip. I’ve been following your stuff. You’ve got some fantastic plants going! You should be proud as well😎

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I’m very proud I ate some raw bottom bud, it’s very good, we going to be some very Happy Camper’s :sunglasses:

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Yes we are!!!:sunglasses:

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You’re lucky Brother I have to camouflage mine, That sucks in a way I like to busted my ass trying to water and Nuke at night :nerd_face:

I’m very blessed for the grow space. It’s fenced in 8ft high very secluded. It would be nice to have it in the backyard someday😎